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SmartTouch® Interactive Expands Real Estate Marketing Team


Real estate digital marketing agency adds 3 new marketing experts to
further serve their clientele

SmartTouch® Interactive, an interactive real
estate marketing agency
, real
estate marketing automation
and lead
nurturing CRM solution company
, announces the addition of 3
marketing experts to their expanding Account Services and Digital
Marketing departments. During the first half of the year, the company
experienced an incremental growth in business allowing them to bring on
new talent and reorganize department structures. The three team members

  • Sandra Bucklin – Director of Account Services
  • Christopher Grozden – SEO Manager
  • Joseph Hwang – SEM Manager

Sandra Bucklin, a 25-year business and marketing executive with an
extensive background in the technology industry, is to lead the Account
Services team during SmartTouch® Interactive's period of growth and
continue to develop the department, client relationships, and the
customer-centric, ROI focused values SmartTouch® brings to the real
estate industry.

Christopher Grozden and Joseph Hwang bring a fresh perspective and
outside industry knowledge to SmartTouch®'s digital team managed by Tanner
Ross, promoted to VP of Digital Marketing
this past January. In the
short period of time they've been with the agency, the two professionals
have now taken ownership and are heading up SEM and SEO services
provided to real estate clients by SmartTouch® Interactive as well as
work cross-functionally on accounts to ensure client paid and organic
efforts are hitting their target markets and homebuyers.

"We are very excited as a company to have the opportunity to further
serve our clients by hiring this group of intelligent professionals who
have already begun to excel in their roles and over deliver on client
expectations," said Robert Cowes, President & Co-founder of SmartTouch®

Along with the demand for more talent, with the addition of Sandra
Bucklin, and Ross's promotion, the company is also developing its
executive team to help lead the trajectory of company growth and culture.

"Sandra was brought on at SmartTouch® Interactive as a change-maker to
expand the Account Services department. I see tremendous opportunity and
potential to further develop not only the Account Services department
but our company culture and brand as well," said Robert Cowes, President
& Co-founder of SmartTouch® Interactive.

SmartTouch® Interactive is optimistic about their new teammates and the
added value they'll bring to the company and clients. With high
expectations and goals surpassing previous company success, SmartTouch®
feels confident these three professionals will knock it out of the park
and bring the company into its next stage of growth.

About SmartTouch® Interactive

SmartTouch® Interactive is an interactive marketing agency that
provides proven lead generation programs as well as a lead management
and lead nurturing CRM, SmartTouch® NexGen. The SmartTouch®
team's expertise in lead generation and online marketing helps firms
that require a multi-touch sales cycle to create demand for products and
services and grow their business with customized, interactive lead
generation programs and lead cultivation. Backed by 30 years of
experience in developing lead generation programs for hundreds of
clients, SmartTouch® Interactive sets a new standard for lead
generation programs and a single solution that integrates CRM, Marketing
Automation, Email Marketing and Inventory Management all in one
platform, SmartTouch® NexGen.

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