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Reel Cash Brings Full Transparency to Streaming Services Ratings for the Benefit of Subscribers and Talent Worldwide


Reel Cash's REEL Data Management Platform will provide live logline
viewing data to domestic and international talent agencies, law firms,
and actors guilds by paying Netflix, Hulu, and YouTubeTV subscribers to

The growing dominance of streaming studios over traditional media has
impacted contract negotiations for actors and writers in 2014 and again
in 2017 with no access to verifiable statistics on viewership for any
given program.

Cryptocurrency startup Reel
aims to change that by launching a global initiative on
Wednesday July 25 that enable SVOD subscribers to be paid for sharing
their viewing data with a film industry digital token that also funds
original content including features and streaming series.

"Users maintain pseudonymity by authenticating through Stellar account
keys when necessary, preserving privacy," explains Reel Cash Lead
Developer Rez Khan. "We also distribute a public key as a way to verify
authenticity of the server."

There have been a lot of attempts to crack Netflix's (NASDAQ:NFLX)
black box, including a new initiative by Nielsen (NYSE:NLSN), but for
some reason none of those initiatives ever considered the rights of the
subscriber to be compensated for their viewing data or even give them
the opportunity to opt-in or opt-out.

"The Netflix and YouTube (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Terms of Service simply
announce to subscribers that they agree to the collection of their
viewing data," said Reel Cash founder Jeffrey Carr. "In an era of
increased attention and legislation for consumer privacy, that really
shocked us."

ICOs and digital token launches like Reel Cash have the potential to
break up centralized structures like the major studios in favor of a
more equitable, distributed one like Reel Cash. "The next time that
SAG-AFTRA, IFA, or WGA has a contract negotiation coming up," says Carr,
"we hope that they'll contact us. We'd be happy to give them access to
our REEL DMP without charge." This data can also be provided to agencies
and law firms to help negotiate the best deals for their talent clients
as well as content financiers in the industry.

Reel Cash (REEL) tokens launch on Wednesday July 25 at 1800 UTC. Visit
for more information.

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