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2 Day Conference: Energy/Electricity Futures, Options & Derivatives -


The "Energy/Electricity
Futures, Options & Derivatives"
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This proven program is for energy and electric power professionals who
are looking for a comprehensive and clearly explained understanding of
natural gas, oil and electricity financial instruments, the markets they
trade in, and how these powerful tools can be used to manage risk and
structure profitable transactions.

What You Will Learn

  • How to use futures contracts, options, swaps, trigger deals, The
    Master Energy Hedging Equation and other techniques to create
    customized risk management solutions to protect your company from
    natural gas, oil and electricity price risk, basis & LMP risk,
    delivery risk and volumetric (intermittency) risk.
  • How physical and cash settled futures contracts, over-the-counter
    energy swaps and physical forward contracts are traded and the
    purposes served by these markets.
  • How the ICE and CME-NYMEX futures exchanges and electronic
    marketplaces function, and what the differences are between ICE OTC,
    ICE Futures, CME Globex, CME Clearport Services and The Nodal Exchange.
  • How "cash margining" is done with a futures exchange, its cash
    management impact and the role of the Clearinghouse.
  • What the differences are between a futures commission merchant
    ("FCM"), over-the-counter broker, trader, market-maker, power marketer
    and wholesale energy merchant.
  • What basis risk is, and how basis, spread, LMP and delivery risks can
    blow up your energy and electricity hedges.
  • Why Trigger Deals are so popular, and what the difference is between
    the financial and physical basis ("fin" and "phys").
  • How to structure profitable energy, electric power, and petroleum
    transactions without exposure to price risk; and how to financially
    turn one commodity into another.
  • How to make money by buying valuable energy options from your
    customers and suppliers, and how your company may be missing a
    significant financial opportunity.
  • Why "extendible" deals can be profitable, and how energy trading
    floors "trade around assets."
  • What the terms "Contango" and "Backwardation" mean.
  • and much more...

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