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Nevada Elections Bring State and National Experts to Las Vegas to Discuss How to Reach Voters


Local Broadcast Television Tops All Other Forms of Political
Advertising in Trust, Reach, Influence

Last week, the Television Bureau of Advertising (TVB) hosted an
exclusive discussion with state and national experts on the 2018
election and how to effectively reach voters through television
advertising in Nevada.

The panel discussion featured commentary from Strategies360 Nevada
Senior Vice President John Oceguera, 8NewsNow political analyst Steve
Sebelius and November Inc. Founder Mike Slanker.

The event is part of TVB's ongoing We Get Voters campaign, which seeks
to connect campaigns and political advocacy leaders with national
political experts, the media, and local TV stations to share how local
broadcast TV and digital advertising work together to influence voters.

"Why are we here? With a toss-up gubernatorial race, two senate races
and two house races, Nevada is one of the centers of the universe for
the 2018 election," TVB CEO Steve Lanzano said. "We're here to discuss
winning media strategies to market a candidate or a ballot measure."

A video of the panel discussion can be found here:

Discussion highlights include:

"We always say it's not 'TV or,' it's 'TV and.'" – TVB CEO Steve Lanzano
on TV Versus Digital Ad Buying

"I still believe TV shapes hearts and minds... it's about getting the
emotion with TV and then you increase frequency digitally." – Mike
Slanker on Political Ad Strategy

"Funding in Nevada is huge, not just the money being raised and spent by
candidates, but it's outside spending that will go down the ticket." –
Steve Sebelius on 2018 Election Campaign Resources

"Campaigns have to define their candidates with paid and earned media
earlier than ever." – John Oceguera on 2018 Campaign Strategy

This is the second We Get Voters event hosted by TVB. The first was held
in Phoenix,
on May 9th.

For more information about TVB and the We
Get Voters
campaign please contact

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