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Defense Attorney Thanks Prosecutors for Reaffirming Zain Jaffer Did Not Commit Sexual Misconduct


Patrick Clancy, attorney for Zain Jaffer, co-founder and former CEO of
video ad company Vungle, today thanked Stephen M. Wagstaffe, District
Attorney for the County of San Mateo, for going out of his way to
clarify that Mr. Jaffer is completely innocent of any form of sexual

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Zain Jaffer (Photo: Business Wire)

Zain Jaffer (Photo: Business Wire)

Mr. Jaffer was arrested in October 2017 after an altercation with family
members caused by a dangerous reaction to doctor-prescribed medication.
In July, the San Mateo County District Attorney's office dismissed all
charges against Mr. Jaffer, a move that could open the door to Mr.
Jaffer's return to Vungle.

In a new statement published
in the San Francisco Chronicle
, Mr. Wagstaffe said: "We do not
believe that there was any sexual conduct by Mr. Jaffer that evening and
for this reason we dismissed the sexual abuse charges. The physical
injury charges were separately dismissed because we believe that the
injuries were the result of Mr. Jaffer being in a state of
unconsciousness caused by prescription medication."

Mr. Clancy praised the District Attorney's office for clarifying the
facts and making it clear that Mr. Jaffer is completely innocent of any
sexual assault charge.

"Mr. Jaffer did not do anything whatsoever that could be considered
sexual. He suffered an adverse reaction to medication and in the process
injured some family members. It was accidental and could have happened
to anyone," Mr. Clancy said, "Thankfully, the District Attorney and his
staff reviewed all the evidence and made the right decision."

"The sexual assault charges were dismissed because they never happened.
It was only the physical injuries to his family that were dismissed
because of Mr. Jaffer being in a state of unconsciousness.
Unconsciousness can range anywhere from sleep walking to an epileptic
fit. The person has no control over his actions, no awareness of his
actions, and no intent to do any of his actions. He is unconscious."

The San
Mateo Daily Journal said
Mr. Wagstaffe praised his prosecutors for
"examining the case and recognizing it was not supported by the facts."
The D.A. told
the Palo Alto Daily Post
that they "avoided the possibility that Mr.
Jaffer would be wrongfully convicted."

Mr. Clancy said: "This should put an end to the spread of misinformation
and gossip that has prevented Mr. Jaffer from returning to his role at
Vungle, the start-up he founded."

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