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RedLock Announces New Innovations and Enhanced Adoption for Google Cloud Platform


New features enable deeper security visibility into Google Cloud
Platform, real-time network monitoring, and improved compliance with
industry-specific and other mandates

From Google Cloud Next-- RedLock,
the Cloud Threat Defense company, today announced major enhancements to
the RedLock Cloud 360 platform that delivers significantly greater
interoperability and insights with Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Among
other benefits, the new features in RedLock Cloud 360 offer integration
with GCP Flow Logs, support for GCP Orgs, improved compliance packs, and
greater backing for other Google Cloud services such as Kubernetes. The
new package offers a range of new capabilities and enhanced support to
organizations leveraging the public cloud for their computing and
applications requirements.

"The cloud computing model lives up to its undeniable potential when
concerns around security and compliance are no longer obstacles, and
it's always been our mission at RedLock to help achieve that goal," said
Ankur Shah, VP of Products at RedLock. "That's why we've delivered
recent benefits such as enhanced integration as a launch partner for
Google Cloud Security Command Center (Cloud SCC). Now, we're proud to
offer even more advanced integration with GCP, including greater
visibility into network traffic, enhanced support for key features and
additional backing for industry-specific regulations. We also pledge to
continue developing products and services that further ease and secure
operations in the cloud."

New features include the following:

Integration with GCP Flow Logs: RedLock provides real-time
visibility into north-south and east-west network traffic, which comes
through intuitive network visualization, enabling faster identification
of network security threats such as access to sensitive workloads from
malicious IPs; data exfiltration; crypto mining; and host compromise.
It's also now easier to identify and remediate network security risks by
creating custom policies/rules, and integrating with enterprise security
automation tools.

Support for GCP Orgs: This capability provides central visibility
and control over every resource that belongs to an organization. GCP
provides specific resource containers—such as Organizations, Folders and
Projects—that allow customers to group and hierarchically organize other
Cloud Platform resources. This makes it easier to manage common aspects
of internal resources such as access control and configuration settings.
With RedLock's new support for GCP Orgs, customers can automatically
onboard thousands of projects and underlying resources within minutes,
and gain centralized governance across their GCP environment.

Improved support for HIPAA, PCI and GDPR compliance: HIPAA (the
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which covers
virtually all of the healthcare industry), PCI (for the Payment Card
Industry Data Security Standard, which encompasses credit card usage in
industries such as retail), and GDPR (General Data Protection
Regulation, which protects EU citizens' online activities) represent
major compliance mandates. The new feature eases cloud adoption by
offering enhanced compliance both at the infrastructure and application
layers through the shared responsibility model.

Support for Additional Google Services for Security/Compliance:
Additional configuration and compliance monitoring for services such as
Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and BigQuery are now available in RedLock
Cloud 360. In addition to greater visibility, it accelerates the
adoption of these Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) models by providing
continuous security governance and monitoring.

"Just as we advocate shared responsibility for security in cloud
environments, we also need shared innovation, and that's why we're
excited to see the latest advances from RedLock," said Vineet Bhan, Head
of Security Partnerships, Google Cloud. "RedLock has long been committed
to supporting Google Cloud Platform, and we look forward to continued
collaboration with the company."

For more information and to see a live demo of the RedLock Cloud 360
Platform, please visit Tod at Google Cloud Next, or access


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