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Avanti Markets Announces an Innovative Retail Solution for Public and High-Theft Environments in the Micro Market and Vending Industries


Secure Smart N Go Market solutions will be offered through an
exclusive licensing agreement with New Age Pavilions in Q3 2018

Avanti Markets, a leader in the micro market industry, is launching an
innovative line of secure, unattended, self-service retail markets
through an exclusive agreement with New Age Pavilions LLC. Avanti
Markets has formed a new Smart N GoTM Division to drive the
product rollout. Jim Brinton, CEO of Avanti Markets, shares, "We are
thrilled to be involved with New Age Pavilions on the Smart N Go line of
products. The Smart N Go secured and intelligent micro market solutions
address the demand for secure, unattended, self-service refreshments in
public and highly-transient locations where micro markets are not
appropriate due to concerns about theft, but the Operator wants to give
their customer a much more expanded offering than traditional vending.
The need for calorie and nutritional disclosure is no longer required
since the customer can read labeling before making a purchase."

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Smart N Go Micro Market Intelligent Solutions (Photo: Business Wire)

Smart N Go Micro Market Intelligent Solutions (Photo: Business Wire)

Until now, for security concerns, traditional vending machines or
attended retail have been the primary refreshment option for public and
semi-public environments like universities, airports, train stations,
medical centers, stadiums, arenas, shared office space, and hotels. With
Smart N Go, a broader array of products can be offered and are secured
behind locked doors that are opened only through payment
preauthorization with credit/debit card, fingerprint, mobile pay, or
member card. Once a known customer has been validated or available
credit has been verified, consumers in public locations can enjoy all
the benefits of a self-service micro market: extensive product
selection, 24/7 convenience, cutting-edge technology, and secure, easy
shopping. Offering a variety of fresh salads and sandwiches to favorite
drinks and snacks, the Smart N Go market makes getting a quick, healthy
meal or treat easy!

This line has been tested and developed over the last 3+ years under the
Smart Market brand. With over 100 locations up and running, the Smart
Market concept is a proven success with operators and consumers alike.
Ron Hay, CEO and Founder of New Age Pavilions explains, "We are
experiencing enormous excitement among consumers who love the Smart
Market and use it daily. Consumers are repeatedly complimenting the
Smart Market and enjoy its convenient, quick and friendly way to shop."

Smart N Go will feature two main product lines: 1) the SNG200, an
intelligent micro market solution that captures consumer product
selections real-time as items are removed from each display unit, and 2)
the SNG100, an enhanced security micro market solution that works just
like a traditional micro market—where customers scan item bar codes—
accessing the products from behind a locked door. The Smart N Go line
offers the benefit of the ‘touch and feel' environment of open micro
markets as you can pick up a product and read the label to determine if
it is right for you, yet the products are secured. Both solutions are
modular and can be configured to fit most spaces with access to
electricity. The Smart N Go micro markets can be configured as compact
single, stand-alone unit or a combination of beverage coolers,
refrigerators, freezers and even fresh coffee to provide a full micro
market solution.

Smart N Go will be led by Joel Berman, who joins Avanti Markets as
President of the Smart N Go Division. Berman brings a wealth of
go-to-market expertise from a range of companies (Microsoft, Amazon,
Wonder Forge/Ravensburger, etc.) and industries (vending, gaming,
technology, beverage, etc.). He created Seattle's first healthy vending
machine business, Snack Daddy Vending, in 2007.

The Smart N Go line will launch with a few select operators in late Q3
2018, in preparation for its broad national rollout in Q4 2018. To learn
more about Smart N Go, please contact your Avanti Markets account
representative or email

About Avanti Markets Inc.

Founded in 2009, Avanti Markets is a leader in the micro market
industry. Avanti Markets' platform provides a leading-edge micro market
transaction system and back-end software that integrates promotions,
inventory management tools, pre-kitting systems and data warehousing
infrastructure in order to support operators with effectively managing
their business. This facilitates an unrivaled micro market experience
for both operators and market users alike for a truly transformed,
groundbreaking fresh food self-service model. Reinvent the breakroom:

About New Age Pavilions LLC

Based in Chatsworth, CA, New Age Pavilions is a pioneer in the
production of intelligent and secure, unattended retail automation and
store outlets, utilizing the Company's proprietary technology. The Smart
N Go Markets can be deployed in thousands of public locations and
produce significant profits for the operators. The Company recently
achieved its initial goals: The Smart N Go Market concept has been fully
developed and over 100 markets have been deployed in public locations.

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