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SanBio: Joint Research Agreement for SB623 Targeting Dementia


SanBio Company Limited, a scientific leader in regenerative medicine for
neurological disorders, today announced it has concluded an agreement
with Keio University School of Medicine on joint research for SB623
targeting dementia.

Dementia is a condition in which brain cells die or become functionally
defective, interfering with higher cerebral functions such as memory and
language, and causing problems for patients in their daily lives. The
most common cause of dementia is central nervous system degenerative
disorders such as Alzheimer's disease, Lewy body dementia (LBD), and
frontotemporal dementia (FTD), in which the brain's nerve cells slowly
die. The next most common cause is vascular dementia, which is triggered
by damage to the nerve cells of the brain as a result of cerebrovascular
disorders such as stroke and cerebral hemorrhage. According to a
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare survey, the number of dementia
patients is increasing because of Japan's surging elderly population and
is expected to reach six million in 2020.

In development programs for proprietary regenerative cell medicine
SB623, SanBio has been conducting clinical trials for chronic stroke in
the U.S. and chronic traumatic brain injury in Japan and the U.S. SB623
consists of mesenchymal stem cells derived from adult bone marrow that
undergo a genetic modification. It releases various growth factors and
promotes nerve cell regeneration when administered to the injury site
caused by stroke or traumatic brain injury, and is considered a stem
cell therapy that could bring back lost functions. In laboratory studies
that administered SB623 to the brains of stroke mice models, migration
of neural stem cells to the injury site, multiplication of nerve cells,
and vasculogenesis were observed.

The joint research project with the Physiology Department, Graduate
School of Medicine, Keio University led by Professor Hideyuki Okano aims
to obtain the data required for progressing to the clinical trials stage
of SB623 by evaluating the therapeutic effects of SB623 in dementia
model animals. SanBio will develop SB623 as a treatment for dementia,
including Alzheimer's Disease and cerebral vascular dementia through
such collaboration.

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