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Motion to Sanction for Evidence Spoliage Filed against Defendant Enterprise Holdings, SubscriberWise Confirms


Plaintiff asks Lee Court for harsh sanctions as well as a transfer to
regular docket with opportunity for special punitive damages following
predatory encounter at RSW National Car Rental

the nation's largest issuing CRA for the communications industry and the
leading protector of children victimized by identity fraud, announced
today the ‘Motion to Sanction for Evidence Spoliation' filed in the
County Court of the Twentieth Judicial Circuit in and for Lee County,
Florida, Honorable Archie B. Hayward, Jr.

The motion was filed after defendant Enterprise Holdings' National Car
Rental purposely destroyed critical booth surveillance that it knew
would be used as evidence in a ‘ding and dent scam' civil theft suit.
Moreover, the rental behemoth is on recorded audio having acknowledged
in plain language that it had reviewed the surveillance at the same time
it demanded a fraudulent payment of $502.80 from plaintiff David Howe (
This recorded admission from the defendant creates an undeniable
statutory expectation NOT to engage in spoliation of evidence.

The crucial evidence forever concealed by this malicious behavior was
part of a predatory felonious financial extortion scheme. The illicit
scheme involved a National Car Rental agent and manager who
intentionally ignored publicly-touted company ‘damage' protocols during
rental termination to legitimize the otherwise obvious ‘ding and dent'
scam encounter. A review of the official Lee Port Authority Police
report reveals patently false statements taken under-oath among an array
of admissions of profound negligence.

According to the plaintiff -- and with a plethora of overwhelming
evidence that's been previously exposed to media, law enforcement, FL AG
Pam Bondi's Consumer Protection Director Victoria Butler along with
senior investigators, and United States Senator Marco Rubio's
legislative staff among others -- the predatory scam turned criminal
following subsequent vehicle damage under the defendant's care. The new
damage, of course, was inserted onto a PDF and sent to the plaintiff
with a demand of $502.80 along with a threat of collections and other
punitive treatment if not paid.

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In addition to repeated requests from the plaintiff demanding to see the
surveillance that would have confirmed the pre-existing ‘wear and tear'
used initially to legitimize the fraud, Defendant Enterprise Holdings
National Car Rental brazenly ignored repeated calls by the Lee Port
Authority police during its criminal investigation.

In the state of Florida individuals and companies who know, or
reasonably expect, that evidence will be used in a criminal or civil
procedure -- all have a legal duty to preserve and safeguard the

RENTAL CRIME SCENE PHOTOS PUBLISHED: See remarkable photographic
evidence that was the basis of media, law enforcement, and state and
federal involvement:

MOTION: Read the ‘Motion to Sanction for Evidence Spoliage':

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