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Even Stevens Sandwiches President Michael McHenry Leaves Brand to Launch New Venture


The McHenry Group Announces Its First Endeavor, a Disruptive Fast
Casual Restaurant Projected to Open Just in Time for the Holiday Season

Michael McHenry, former president of Even Stevens Sandwiches, today
announced he left his position as president in early June 2018 to launch
a new venture, The McHenry Group. McHenry is a leading Utah
restaurateur, known for developing iconic lifestyle brands, disrupting
the market place and guiding the restaurant industry by defining new

The McHenry Group has identified its first new enterprise, a fast-casual
restaurant concept strategically set to open in time for the 2018
holiday season. The details of the new brand will be announced in the
coming weeks.

"My true passions are connecting people and communities through craft
food, modern hospitality and job creation," said McHenry. "The McHenry
Group is committed to creating disruptive brands that provide unique
experiences for the neighborhoods we serve."

The new venture provides performance consulting, restaurant acquisitions
and concept creation, already serving new clients and planning for new
restaurants. McHenry will support the Even Stevens Sandwiches brand
going forward as a consultant.

McHenry was awarded the "Golden Spoon" as Restaurateur of the Year by
the Utah Restaurant Association in 2018.

About the McHenry Restaurant Group

Over the past decade, industry disruptor Michael McHenry, founder of The
McHenry Group, has specialized in brand creation, culture building and
restaurant operations, scaling brands from start up to enterprise.
McHenry is responsible for the creation of more than 1,500 jobs as well
as the opening of more than 50 restaurants. National award-winning
concepts under his leadership have changed the course of the restaurant

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