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Asia-Pacific Mobile Services Trends and Forecasts in Emerging Countries 2017-2022 -


The "Mobile
Services in Emerging Asia-Pacific: Trends and Forecasts 2017-2022"

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The researcher expects mobile service revenue in emerging Asia-Pacific
(EMAP) to grow rapidly, thanks to the migration to 4G and increasing
mobile data usage. The report examines key trends and drivers and
provide a comprehensive mobile telecoms market forecast for the EMAP
region and for six individually modelled countries.

This report and associated data annex provide:

  • a 5-year forecast of 127 mobile KPIs for emerging Asia-Pacific and for
    six key countries
  • an in-depth analysis of the trends, drivers and forecast assumptions
    for each type of mobile service, and for key countries
  • an overview of operator strategies and country-specific topics, which
    highlights similarities and differences between countries
  • a summary of results, key implications and recommendations for mobile

Data coverage

Mobile connections

  • Handset, mobile broadband, IoT
  • Prepaid, contract
  • 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G
  • Smartphone, non-smartphone

Mobile revenue

  • Service, retail
  • Prepaid, contract
  • Handset, mobile broadband, IoT
  • Handset voice, messaging, data

Mobile ARPU

  • SIMS, handset
  • Prepaid, contract
  • Handset voice, data

Voice traffic

  • Outgoing minutes, MoU

Who Should Read This Report

  • Market intelligence, strategy and project managers at mobile operators
    in EMAP.
  • Regulatory bodies in EMAP.
  • Financial institutions that directly invest in the telecoms sector in
    the region, or advise others that do so.
  • Press and media bodies that need a foundation of knowledge of EMAP's
    mobile telecoms market.

Key Topics Covered:

Chapter No.

Executive summary

  • Telecoms total retail revenue will increase over the forecast period,
    but the growth rate will slow down
  • Worldwide trends
  • Worldwide: Mobile service revenue will continue to increase during the
    forecast period, reaching USD857 billion in 2022

Regional trends

  • Revenue and ARPU: Increasing subscriber numbers will offset a slight
    decline in ARPU, leading to stable growth in retail revenue
  • Mobile penetration: Active mobile SIM penetration in EMAP will grow
    from 85% in 2016 to 99% in 2022
  • Mobile connections: 4G will be the leading technology over the
    forecast period, accounting for 64% of mobile connections in 2022
  • Smartphones and LTE: Smartphone penetration will grow from 52% in 2016
    to 81% in 2022 due to technology improvements
  • Mobile broadband: Technology migration and improvements will drive the
    rapid growth of mobile broadband connections
  • Mobile ARPU: Overall ARPU will fall at a CAGR of -2.2% during the
    forecast period, stabilising around USD5 towards the end
  • Data and revenue by generation: Mobile network construction and
    upgrades will drive revenue growth and boost data traffic

Country-level trends

  • China: Fast 4G take-up and innovative products drive cellular data
    usage, and 5G is expected to launch around 2020
  • Indonesia: Intensified competition will lead to more innovative
    product offerings and result in 4G penetration growth
  • Malaysia: Intense competition limits data revenue growth -operators
    focus on postpaid offerings for higher margins
  • Philippines: Intensified competition will hamper operators'
    profitability, and revenue growth will be marginal
  • Thailand: Improved network speeds will drive growth in 4G mobile
    subscriber numbers and data revenue
  • Vietnam: The number of 4G subscribers will grow exponentially after
    the launch of the technology in 2017

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