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seriesOne Partners with Securrency


Underscores Commitment to Global Compliance for Tokenized Securities

seriesOne (,
a FinTech leader created by industry veterans with decades of expertise
across technology, investment banking, venture capital and financial
compliance, today announced its partnership with Securrency,
the most advanced provider of financial and regulatory technology
products for the tokenized issuance and trading of securities. Through
this strategic partnership, seriesOne will utilize Securrency's platform
and products to enable its customers to conduct securities token
offerings (STOs) in a secure and regulatory-compliant fashion. In
addition, the joint venture between seriesOne and Securrency will
establish and secure regulatory approval for an alternative trading
system (ATS) for the secondary market exchange of tokenized securities.

"We believe that Initial Coin Offerings and security tokens represent
the next generation of capital formation for businesses," said Michael
Mildenberger, Founder & CEO of seriesOne. "However, maintaining
compliance in this new market of tokenized securities can be
challenging. Securrency's best-in-class technology allows us to
structure more deals in this space while protecting issuers and

Securrency was selected by seriesOne because of its unique Compliance
Aware Token™ that has compliance and transactional rules embedded in a
security and compliance layer. This fully-built suite of technologies
facilitates securities offerings on virtually any distributed ledger or
legacy financial services platform and includes Know Your Wallet™ tools
that can detect money laundering and other illegal activity.

These offerings, combined with seriesOne's ability to connect investors
and entrepreneurs through a centralized and secure platform, will
eliminate the risk of bad actor participation in the distribution and
trading of tokenized securities.

"We have always recognized that security and compliance are the keys to
unlocking the full potential of blockchain-based technologies –
preventing scams and reducing fraud while empowering important ideas,
tech development and more - ultimately creating new investment
opportunities," said Dan Doney, Founder & CEO of Securrency. "Our
partnership with seriesOne is perfectly aligned with our mission to push
this market forward."

The partnership with Securrency allows seriesOne's network of investors
to connect with entrepreneurs specific to the ICO industry, thus
providing a new line of business opportunities to its users. This
accessibility will ultimately allow for the continued growth of security
tokens as a commonly traded asset in the financial industry. "Demand is
high for securities token offerings structured and marketed in a
compliant manner by financial services professionals," noted
Mildenberger. "seriesOne's team has over 50 of combined experience as
broker-dealers and, working with Securrency, is poised to address this
market need efficiently."

"seriesOne has an impressive roster of professionals with a deep
understanding of these exciting new technologies," said John Hensel,
Chief Operating Officer of Securrency. "Most importantly, their
commitment to compliance and investor protection dovetails with our core
ethos, making this a fantastic partnership for Securrency."

About Securrency

Securrency is a veteran-owned and operated technology products company
that delivers a complete suite of security and compliance tools to
issuers, broker-dealers, and alternative trading system (ATS) operators
to enable the issuance, maintenance, and secondary trading of tokenized

Securrency has developed a unique Compliance Aware Token™ that embeds
regulatory and transactional rules in a compliance layer to facilitate
legally-compliant securities offerings in the United States and
globally. Securrency's protocol can be utilized on the Ethereum,
Stellar, Ripple, EOS and other distributed ledgers, as well as on legacy
systems, allowing for seamless on-chain and off-chain movement of tokens.

Securrency was formed in 2015 by US national security and technology
experts to enable the free trading of previously illiquid asset classes
through compliance and unparalleled interoperability. Securrency offers
secure, scalable FinTech/RegTech tools either as individual modules or
as a customized venue for listing securities via Initial Token Offerings
(ITOs) while providing global KYC (Know Your Customer) and
jurisdictional compliance for access to investors.


seriesOne is a FinTech leader created by industry veterans with decades
of expertise across technology, investment banking, venture capital and
financial compliance. The firm provides strategic counsel, regulatory
compliance, fundraising infrastructure and access to a proprietary
network of investors worldwide. All of seriesOne's services are
conducted via SEC approved exemptions such as Reg D, Reg. CF, and Reg
A+, enabling companies to register, market, and escrow fund raising
initiatives via compliant securities offerings.

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