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Big Trends in Merchandise Planning for 2018| Infiniti Research


Infiniti Research, a world-renowned market intelligence solutions
provider, has announced the completion of their latest article on the big
trends in merchandise planning for 2018

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4 Popular Merchandise Planning Trends for This Year. (Graphic: Business Wire)

4 Popular Merchandise Planning Trends for This Year. (Graphic: Business Wire)

We all know, planning is one of the most vital aspects as far as a
business is concerned. For organizations in the retail industry, who
provide to an extremely dynamic target audience, predicting the demand
and market trends could prove to be a tricky task. Most organizations in
the retail industry face over-stocking or stock-out situations due to
the lack of a suitable merchandise planning process. Merchandise
planning is an organized process that is meant for maximizing the
company's ROI by carefully planning the inventory levels and sales to
improve profitability. This effort also guarantees that the merchandise
is available at the places, prices, times, and quantities that the
market demands. Merchandise planning also goes out to resolve some of
the major retail industry problems such as stockouts or having surplus
stock after the season has ended. Frequently, a retailer's merchandise
planning is greatly influenced not just by the past demand and quantity
of data but is also influenced by new trends in the retail market.

"For companies in the retail industry, who cater to a highly dynamic
target audience, forecasting the demand and market trends could prove to
be a tricky task,"
says an industry expert from Infiniti.

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Big trends in merchandise planning for 2018:

  • Demand for new, better, and personalized products: At present,
    with many options available to customers, there is a growing demand
    for improvised and better products. Retailers are now essential to
    provide larger assortments through numerous channels. Due to these
    added complexities, merchandise planning is gradually becoming an art
    that retailer industry companies must capitalize in and master. A
    suitable merchandise planning initiative guarantees that retailers do
    not isolate customers or lose potential sales by being out of stock of
    a hot-selling product.
  • Innovations and improvements: To stay pertinent in the market,
    organizations must guarantee that they continuously improve and
    innovate their offerings. Modern customers tend to get tired and move
    away from brands that offer the same offerings over time. The more
    often an assortment can be refurbished, the more loyal and frequent
    customers will become. This highlights planning inventory and line
    plans. While performing merchandise planning, retailers need to be
    able to determine meaningful insights from product development and
    sales trend data to ascertain the product lifecycle and help buyers
    define a calendar for improvised and innovative launches. To know
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  • Value for money: There are some players in the market that
    provide similar products and services, making it easier for customers
    to compare and select for ones which give them the most value for
    money. Such circumstances go beyond product development teams to
    greatly influence the merchandise planning teams as well. This makes
    it essential for retailers to have a close knowledge of the price
    points and promotions that have shown favorable results in the past
    while undertaking merchandise planning. It would help them increase
    the sales and profitability they get out of their current and future
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Listed below are the big trends in merchandise planning for 2018.

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