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PureTech Health Announces Collaboration with Roche to Advance Technology for Oral Administration of Antisense Oligonucleotides


PureTech Health to receive up to $36 million in upfront payments,
research support, and early preclinical milestones and is eligible to
potentially receive over $1 billion in development milestones

PureTech Health plc (LSE: PRTC) ("PureTech Health"), a clinical-stage
biopharmaceutical company developing novel medicines focused on the
Brain-Immune-Gut (BIG) Axis, today announced that it has entered into a
multiyear collaboration with F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd and Hoffmann-La
Roche Inc., to advance PureTech's milk-derived exosome platform
technology for the oral administration of Roche's antisense
oligonucleotide platform. Under the terms of the agreement, PureTech
Health will receive up to $36 million, including upfront payments,
research support, and early preclinical milestones. PureTech Health will
be eligible to potentially receive development milestone payments of
over $1 billion and additional sales milestones and royalties for an
undisclosed number of products.

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Harnessing Milk Exosomes for Oral Administration of Nucleic Acids and Other Biologics (Graphic: Busi ...

Harnessing Milk Exosomes for Oral Administration of Nucleic Acids and Other Biologics (Graphic: Business Wire)

PureTech's milk exosome-based technology is uniquely designed to
facilitate the oral administration of complex payloads such as nucleic
acids, peptides, and small molecules. These exosomes are believed to
traffic via lymphatic circulation and could potentially enable the
targeting of immune cells in novel ways.

Daphne Zohar, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of PureTech Health,
said: "We are excited to accelerate the development of this promising
technology from our internal lymphatic and immune cell trafficking
programs. The expertise and resources that Roche is bringing to the
collaboration will help us to potentially address one of the biggest
challenges in oligonucleotide-based therapeutic development: oral
administration of nucleic acids."

PureTech Health has been advancing internal research and development
projects that focus on the Brain-Immune-Gut (BIG) Axis, with an emphasis
on lymphatics and immune cell trafficking to modulate immunity in a
tissue-specific manner. These internal pipeline programs are being
consolidated into a separate division of PureTech Health called Ariya.
PureTech's Internal division, which includes the milk-derived exosome
technology, has generated compelling pre-clinical data and secured key
intellectual property for its lymphatic and immune cell trafficking

About PureTech's Milk Exosomes Technology
Milk exosomes
represent a significant opportunity to potentially resolve the
long-standing challenge of oral bioavailability of macromolecules and
complex small molecules. Exosomes, which contain mixtures of lipids,
proteins and nucleic acids, play a critical physiologic role in
intercellular communication and the transport of macromolecules between
cells and tissues. Mammalian-derived exosomes have attractive potential
as vehicles for the administration of a variety of drug payloads,
especially nucleic acids, since their natural composition will likely
provide superior tolerability over the variety of synthetic polymers
currently in use. Most sources of mammalian exosomes are not suitable or
viable as vehicles for oral administration of drugs due to their lack of
stability under the harsh physiologic conditions associated with transit
through the stomach and small intestine; however, the milk-derived
exosomes that form the basis for PureTech's internally-developed
technology have evolved naturally and specifically to accomplish the
task of oral transport of complex biological molecules. The technology
is based on research conducted by PureTech Health and its academic
collaborators, including Ramesh Gupta, Ph.D., Agnes Brown Duggan Chair
in Oncological Research at the James Graham Brown Cancer Center, and
Professor in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology at University
of Louisville, and exclusively licensed to PureTech Health.

About PureTech Health
PureTech Health (LSE: PRTC) is an
advanced, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel
medicines around the Brain-Immune-Gut (BIG) Axis. The Company has
developed deep insight into the connection between these systems and the
resulting role in many chronic diseases, which represent the majority of
healthcare spend and have proven resistant to established therapeutic
approaches. By harnessing this emerging field of human biology, PureTech
Health has developed new categories of medicines with the potential to
have great impact on people with serious diseases.

PureTech Health is advancing a rich pipeline of innovative therapies
across two divisions. Its Affiliates division includes two product
candidates that are preparing for potential regulatory approval in the
United States and Europe and a number of clinical and pre-clinical
programs. These affiliates have developed ground-breaking platforms and
therapeutic candidates in collaboration with some of the world's leading
scientific experts.

PureTech's Internal division is advancing a pipeline fueled by recent
discoveries in lymphatics and immune cell trafficking to modulate
disease in a tissue-specific manner. These programs build on a new
understanding of the trafficking and biodistribution of various immune
system components in order to develop targeted therapies for diseases
with major unmet needs including cancer and autoimmune and neuroimmune

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connect with us on Twitter @puretechh.

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