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DLive, the First and Largest Live Streaming Platform on Blockchain, Now in Spanish


DLive challenges industry standards, promoting transparency and
giving the power to reward content to its community.

DLive surpasses 600,000 daily and monthly active users, and
distributes more than $2.6 million in cryptocurrency in just six months.

the first and largest live streaming and video community platform on
blockchain, unveils its new user interface optimized for the
international audience, including dedicated menus and options in Spanish.

Available online at DLive
and via its Android App on Google
, DLive is a platform and community on Steem blockchain that
democratizes the process of rewarding its content creators. On DLive,
the community determines what content should trend or be removed through
upvoting and flagging, deserve the most rewards or cryptocurrency, and
even see who has upvoted or donated to the video.

"Blockchain brings a level of transparency and decentralization never
seen before, and can change the future of the video and streaming
industry," states Charles Wayn, CEO of DLive. "Our industry is dominated
by big companies with lucrative goals that not only profit from the work
of others, but heavily influences the content and creativity of the
artists. We want to change that."

DLive has surpassed 600,000 daily active users in only six months and
has distributed more than $2.6 million worth of STEEM cryptocurrency
through upvotes, gifts, and donations. On DLive, even viewers can be
rewarded by upvoting for their favorite content, making meaningful
comments, and growing the community by referring new users to join DLive.

"DLive is ad-free, does not take cuts from earnings, and does not charge
a fee to utilize the platform," adds Wayn. "Our goal is to promote a
place where content creators can find an audience and won't have to
change their vision to comply with changing algorithms or compete with
big companies looking to promote their products."

"DLive allows me to express my creativity without worrying about the
number of views or clicks, the length of my videos, or other things that
I can't control," states David
‘Tidy' Wyatt
, a UK streamer with more than $8,000 worth of STEEM
coins. "DLive is already changing the industry and is shaping the future
of streaming."

Founded by Charles Wayn and Cole Chen in Cupertino, CA, DLive currently
has more than 20 members across four continents and 19 cities around the
world. For more information about DLive or to download the Android App,
visit us at
or on Google

About DLive:

DLive is the first decentralized live streaming platform and video
community built on Steem blockchain. Founded by Charles Wayn and Cole
Chen in Cupertino, CA, DLive incentivizes and rewards both content
creators and viewers in cryptocurrency.

DLive believes that all rewards belong to creators, does not take cuts
or charge any fees to use its platform, and aims to promote
transparency. Currently, DLive has more than 20 team members across four
continents and 19 cities around the world. For more information about
DLive, please visit

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