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Womply's State of Local Retail Report Reveals Consumer Spending Patterns in All 50 States


Interactive online data report shows sales trends, seasonality, and
top revenue days for local retail stores across the U.S.

Womply, the leader in front office software for small- and medium-sized
businesses (SMBs), today unveiled the State
of Local Retail
report, which charts consumer spending patterns at
small, independent retail stores in all 50 states and the District of
Columbia during all 365 days of the year.

The report, which is available for public use on,
reveals a wide range of patterns in consumer spending at local
retailers, including how sales trend during the days of the week, months
of the year, and on major holidays. The report includes a national view
and localized findings for each state, powered by analysis of 54,000
retail locations in every corner of America during every day of the 2017
calendar year.

"As consumer spending patterns shift on Main Street, it's important that
local retailers know where they stand," says Womply President Cory
Capoccia. "Our State of Local Retail report gives shop owners
unprecedented visibility so they can understand how their sales patterns
and seasonality compare to national and regional baselines."

Nationally, local retailers see 13 transactions at a $121 per-sale
average, resulting in daily revenue of $1,576. Based on average daily
revenue, the top 10 states last year were:

  1. Nevada, $2,927
  2. Delaware, $2,693
  3. Utah, $2,431
  4. New York, $2,383
  5. Connecticut, $2,018
  6. California, $1,996
  7. Nebraska, $1,935
  8. New Jersey, $1,863
  9. New Hampshire, $1,854
  10. Massachusetts, $1,785

The report uncovered strong seasonality during the winter holidays, with
the period from Black Friday to Christmas Eve accounting for a quarter
of yearly revenue. Some additional findings about top-revenue periods

  • Similar to their big-box counterparts, Black Friday is huge for
    small shops, ranking as the top revenue day of the entire year
  • Cyber Monday (No. 11) is a stronger sales day for local
    retailers than Small Business Saturday (No. 22)
  • Despite conventional wisdom, November and December are
    not consistently the top two revenue months for local retailers at a
    state level. Alaska, Utah, Idaho, Indiana, and Nevada break from that
  • Sunday is the weakest sales day for small shops, yielding less
    than half the revenue of the next lowest day (Monday)

"Our studies of sales patterns on Main Street highlight the unique
consumer-spending landscape facing small shops," Capoccia says.
"Operating in the dark can be precarious when running a lean business,
which is why we created the State of Local Retail report. We want to
empower small retailers to seize growth opportunities they discover in
the data set to inform their yearly forecasting and business strategies."

Womply's State of Local Retail report is now available on
Data will be updated on an annual basis, and additional business
categories will be added soon. For more information, contact

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