Market Overview

How Breezy Swim Became the Fastest Growing Swimwear Company in America


In an age where swimwear is typically reserved for thinner and younger
females, it tends to leave other females feeling body shamed. This
inspired the founders of a Miami-based Swimwear Company to do something
about it.

and his girlfriend, Tanya Barahona, had always wanted to
start a business that made people feel confident and better about
themselves. The only problem was that they were living in two separate
states at the time. They knew that creating a new business would not
only allow them to raise the money to be able to live together, but it
would allow them to help others feel confident in the process. Both 22
years old and bouncing from job to job they took a leap of faith and
went all in with their idea. In April of 2018 they started their new
Miami-based swimwear company called "Breezy

Their mission was simple, to launch a swimwear company that empowers all
women to feel confident in any swimsuit, regardless of age or body
shape. The young couple knew they were onto a great idea when they
started this business. All they needed was a catchy slogan to attract
people's attention and generate their first sales. "Every body is a
bikini body" became the slogan they decided on for the company.

They were now well on their way to getting their first sale, when they
soon realized they had limited funds left for marketing. So the young
couple decided to market their new slogan and swimwear on social media.
Once they did, it changed their lives forever. In just 3 months, their
Instagram account went from having 0 followers to having over 65,000

"We want females to feel confident in any swimwear, regardless of age or
body shape," the founders state on their website. "Breezy Swim caters to
all shapes and sizes inspired by women globally. Our swimwear gives us
the chance for women to feel their best and to take on the world, no
matter where they come from!"

Since Breezy Swim's website first launched, it has sold more than 10,000
swimsuits to a global customer base. This has generated the company more
than $350,000 in sales within its first financial quarter.

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