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The Official US Launch of Biolon OVD (Ophthalmic Viscosurgical Device) for Use in Cataract Surgery


Amring Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Amring), a generic pharmaceutical company,
today announced the release of its latest product, Biolon OVD
(Ophthalmic Viscosurgical Device). Amring is excited to offer this
device to position itself in the growing ophthalmic market with the
introduction of Biolon OVD.

Biolon OVD is a fermentation-based, sterile, optically clear, 1%
(10mg/mL), sodium hyaluronate viscoelastic, provided in a sterile
prefilled syringe. Biolon OVD has been used by cataract surgeons across
the globe for over 25 years and Amring is bringing this product to
surgeons in the United States.

Cataract surgeries are one of the most common surgical procedures in the
country, with approximately 3.6 million performed each year in the
United States. Biolon OVD offers a high-quality alternative OVD option
for cataract surgeons. Biolon OVD provides surgeons with a full 1.0
mL of viscoelastic per syringe
, (17% more viscoelastic per syringe,
versus syringe volume fill of 0.85mL). Other key benefits of Biolon OVD
include: "Easy-Prep" with a "Snap, Attach, Ready" tamper evident
closure, Room Temperature excursions (up to one (1) month), and 25
years of NaHA manufacturing experience
in a highly purified
Non-Avian sourced

With a focus on value and a dedication to quality, Amring has partnered
with Bio-Technology General (Israel) Ltd. to produce Biolon OVD and
partnered with Altacor to license the product in North America.

Biolon OVD is available via surgical distribution networks.

More information and Surgeon Evaluation Kits can be obtained by calling
1-844-AMRING1 (267-4641) or by visiting

About Amring Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Amring Pharmaceuticals is a privately-held generic pharmaceutical
company active in global markets geared to supplying unique and
specialized products. The company is part of the global Amring
Pharmaceuticals business and is partnered with well-established global
biopharmaceutical companies. Amring is uniquely positioned to leverage
its partners' expertise in bringing biotechnology derived medicines, as
well as patient-friendly drug delivery systems, sterile manufacturing
and other state-of-the art technologies to the marketplace.

About Altacor

Altacor is a specialist ophthalmology company marketing a portfolio of
products in the fields of ocular surface disease and ophthalmic surgery.
The company differentiates its development products primarily through
formulation or reprofiling existing compounds with established clinical
activity and systemic safety.

About Bio-Technology General (Israel) Ltd.

Bio-Technology General (BTG) is an integrated biopharmaceutical company
founded in 1980; since July 2005, it has been part of the Swiss-based
Ferring Group, a multinational pharmaceutical company operating
worldwide. BTG is a pioneer in the development and manufacture of human
health care products derived from genetic engineering and biotechnology
processes, and has a successful track record of developing and
registered biopharmaceuticals.

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