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Wireless Innovation Forum Announces First CBRS CBSD Standards Approved Test Labs


BV Taiwan, DEKRA Certification Inc., Nemko, Nokia Bell Labs, Sporton,
and TUV SUD Canada Authorized as WInnForum Approved; Others to Follow

Innovation Forum
(WInnForum) announced today the approval of the
first six test labs that will bear the "WInnForum CBRS Approved" logo
for Citizen's Broadband Radio Service Device (CBSD) testing for
WInnForum standards compliance. They are as follows:

  • Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services (Hong Kong) Ltd., Taoyuan
    Branch, Mobile Communications
  • DEKRA Certification, Inc.
  • Nemko (multiple approved locations)
  • Nokia Global Product Compliance Laboratory
  • Sporton International Inc.
  • TUV SUD Canada

"WInnForum is excited to have approved the first six labs for CBSD
testing," said Lee Pucker, CEO of the WInnForum. "Approval of WInnForum
standards certified test labs provides a significant step towards
commercialization of the CBRS Band. These approvals are considered the
first wave of WInnForum CBRS Approved test labs with more to follow."

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will be certifying CBSDs
against CFR 47 Part 96 using FCC Authorized Test Labs (
Among other requirements, obtaining an FCC certification requires
demonstrating that the CBSD meets the general and technical requirements
for communicating with the Spectrum Access System (SAS).

The FCC has stated in the "Licensed Service Rules and Procedures" for
Part 96 (
that conformance with the WInnForum SAS to CBSD Interface Specification
(WINNF-TS-0016) as demonstrated by testing against the WInnForum CBSD
Test Specification (WINNF-TS-0122) meets this criteria, with a caveat
that the test lab is "recognized by WInnForum."

Accordingly, the WInnForum is facilitating CBSD certification testing,
against this test specification by approving FCC approved test labs to
run the WInnForum CBSD tests. In December 2017, WInnForum selected CTIA
to run the test lab approval program, additional information can be
found here:

WInnForum supports the development and advancement of spectrum sharing
technologies based on the three-tier architecture detailed in 3.5 GHz
CBRS Band rules defined by the FCC. The Forum recently announced the
completion of the full set of baseline standards required for WInnForum
certification of CBRS equipment. This watershed event allows the
finalization of CBRS products for official testing and sets the stage
for the rollout of commercial CBRS networks. The WInnForum Baseline
Standards can be found here:

About the Wireless Innovation Forum

Established in 1996, The Wireless Innovation Forum (SDR Forum Version
2.0) is a non-profit mutual benefit corporation dedicated to advocating
for spectrum innovation, and advancing radio technologies that support
essential or critical communications worldwide. Members bring a broad
base of experience in Software Defined Radio (SDR), Cognitive Radio(CR)
and Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) technologies in diverse markets and at
all levels of the wireless value chain to address emerging wireless
communications requirements. To learn more about The Wireless Innovation
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