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IOV Blockchain Missions Top Chief Economics Expert to Solve Major Blockchain Industry Challenge


Blockchain Company Brings in Big Brains from Leading Research
Center of Europe, Says It Will Design "Ground-up" Revolutionary Economic
Model for Enterprise Services

IOV, a French company developing a DNS-like system for blockchains and
universal wallet for blockchain users, has announced its collaboration
with a chief economist and data scientists pulled from some of the most
prestigious global research institutions. They aim to solve problems
that have so far left an enterprise service market whose worth is
estimated to reach $176 Billion within the next five years (Gartner)
untapped by any form of growth except speculation.

Leading this effort is Chief Economist Philippe Février. He previously
directed the industrial organization department in CREST, the Center for
Research in Economics and Statistics which is recognized as a top
institute in Europe with ties to major university research departments.
Philippe Février holds a PhD in economics, has taught at notable
institutions such as The University of Chicago, the Ecole Polytechnique
and the ENSAE, and has participated in private industry research studies
spanning advertising, media sales, and transportation logistics.

Philippe Février, whose academic specializations include contract
theory, anti-collusion and game theory, and empirical industrial
organization, points out that "working on blockchains is an opportunity
to design a new economic model." He continues: "Entering this industry
with IOV is exciting, because IOV has the ambition to create and
structure a global ecosystem in which all blockchains are linked
together and interoperable. I believe IOV, through its vision and
technology, has the potential to revolutionize the blockchain industry.
The exchanges will be more fluid and accessible for all kinds of firms
and users, and the market much wider. I am happy to be in a position to
structure a model that will have a global and positive impact for the
whole economy."

IOV Co-Founder Karim Ganem adds: "A great technology that aims to be
massively adopted needs to rely on a solid theoretical framework and
mathematical model of economics, we are happy to start this
collaboration with a chief economist to think a model ahead."

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