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Coding Dojo Opens East Bay Campus to Help Fill Technical Talent Gap for the More Than 2k Open Software Dev Jobs


Coding Dojo Opens East Bay Campus to Help Fill Technical Talent Gap for the More Than 2k Open Software Dev Jobs

With more than 2,300 open software development jobs in the East Bay, Coding Dojo's unique "teach anybody" coding curriculum can kickstart or reinvent tech careers in less than 14 weeks

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EMERYVILLE, Calif., June 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Coding Dojo, the leading technology bootcamp dedicated to transforming businesses and careers through programming literacy, today announced the opening of its East Bay campus to address the rising local demand for programming skills. With more than 2,300 open software development jobs in the East Bay (more than 400 of the jobs are entry level), Coding Dojo is reinventing the way companies fill the technical talent gap by equipping individuals with the most future-forward tech skills to start or grow their careers in as little as 14 weeks.

As the Bay Area is the tech hub of America, the East Bay campus will be Coding Dojo's second campus in the Bay area, in addition to its existing campus in San Jose -- aiding local employers to invest in upskilling to illustrate the value of coding skill sets to all employees. Learning to code can also open up lucrative career opportunities for Coding Dojo graduates. The national average starting salary for coders is $76,000 and in the East Bay it is even higher: $103,297 for software developers and $124,555 for software engineers.

The number of technology jobs worldwide is growing exponentially, while the supply of qualified software developers cannot keep up with the pace. In addition to training new individual software developers who want to invest in their future careers, Coding Dojo also provides corporate training to help companies boost the tech skills of their existing workforce. Lack of tech literacy is a rising and significant threat to companies' success today. In fact, according to a consumer survey conducted by Researchscape for Coding Dojo, 56% of respondents believe that employers are not preparing workers adequately with future-forward tech skills and 90% believe that the onus is on employers to step up their upskilling initiatives.   

"The biggest myth about tech is that many people think they aren't built to code; don't have strong math skills or a STEM background – the reality is that anyone can learn to code. In fact, more than 50% of our graduates don't have a coding background and come from all walks of life and all career backgrounds from comedians and veterans to marketers and of course - engineers," said Michael Choi, CEO of Coding Dojo. "As technology becomes more prevalent and fast-changing, every company has become a 'tech company. Regardless of the position, we all need to equip ourselves with critical development skills if we want to progress in our careers."

Coding Dojo is unique versus any other bootcamp today. Specifically:

  • In only 14 weeks, students will learn 3 full stacks vs 1 stack in 12 weeks. Its open and inclusive methodology - with the mantra "anyone can learn to code" - brings coders to life with backgrounds ranging from comedians, mechanics and retirees to entrepreneurs, college graduates, moms, and more.
  • It provides a career center of dedicated job placement counselors that work to place graduates  with local businesses, including top brands in tech such as Adobe, Dropbox, GitHub, Intuit, Oracle, SAP, Symantec, VMware, and more.
  • Ninety-four percent of alumni who responded to Coding Dojo's job placement survey landed jobs within 180 days of completing Coding Dojo's career services program.  Its alumni are in high demand in the job market and are able to use their new coding skills to embark upon rewarding careers in the tech field.

"Without Coding Dojo, I'd still be fumbling through online tutorials. Coding Dojo made it easy and fun to learn how to code, and helped put my career on an entirely new path," says Christopher Clark, Coding Dojo alum who is now employed as a senior software engineer at "I highly recommend Coding Dojo to anyone who wants to improve their career prospects by learning to code, or to any companies or organizations that need to improve the tech skills of their workforce. Coding Dojo has a fun, intuitive curriculum and a fast-paced schedule with supportive staff. It's an ideal way to learn and it has changed my life for the better!"

About Coding Dojo's Complimentary East Bay Workshop
In the month of July, Coding Dojo's newly opened East Bay campus will be offering a complimentary workshop: Techlite for Business Professionals. This is a special workshop for local East Bay companies to give these employers a chance to try Coding Dojo and see what this coding bootcamp can do to improve the tech skills of their workforce.  For more information about the complimentary workshop or Coding Dojo classes, visit

About Coding Dojo
Coding Dojo is a nationwide top coding school that helps people start careers in tech by learning how to code and becoming a software developer in as little as 14 weeks, with onsite and online coding bootcamps. Even for students who have no formal IT education or IT-related career background, Coding Dojo can help them graduate with a more versatile skill-set, a richer portfolio, and 2-3 times the job prospects compared to the average coding bootcamp grad. Learn more at

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