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Liberated Solutions, Inc. Executes Letter of Intent to Acquire Advanced Interactive Gaming, Ltd


CHESTER, N.Y., June 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Liberated Solutions, Inc. (OTC:LIBE) is pleased to announce it has executed a letter of intent to acquire Advanced Interactive Gaming, Ltd.(AIG) and all its assets. Financial terms will be available once the closing contracts and auditing process has been completed. Conditions of the transaction include, but are not limited to AIG acquiring Metricminds GmbH & Co KG and the settlement of all LIBE's convertible debt.

AIG finances, leads development and co-publishes video games for popular gaming platforms, targeting a gaming market of 100+ million consoles, 250+ million PCs, and 400+ million handheld devices. AIG plans to develop and release 12 -14 multi-platform titles by mid-2019 by filling the gap between developers and publishers by positioning itself to both finance and direct projects themselves. "AIG's management team has been executing elements of our business model for over 25 years and has released a comprehensive list of titles varying from small indies to large IP games with budgets ranging from $200,000 to $10 million dollars," stated Jason Garber, CEO of AIG. "By going public through LIBE, we open the door for innovative methods of video game publication, along with fresh, new marketing partners."

"This is an exciting opportunity for Liberated to step outside the energy and real estate industries to acquire an exciting company and build out our Technology brand," said Brian Conway, CEO. "Financially for our shareholders, it's rewarding because the potential earnings relinquish our dependence upon debt-based financing and it removes the strain on our market with the settlement of our debt."

About Liberated Solutions, Inc.

Liberated Solutions, Inc. is a diversified green energy services holding company delivering conventional as well as non-conventional Eco-friendly solutions throughout North America. For its customers, Liberated operations in Real Estate, Alternative Energy, Technology, and Lifestyle projects. For its shareholders, Liberated Solutions operates and acquires a diverse array of energy products and service companies with proven revenues and operations. Its mission is to be the best small cap environmental services company of its kind in North America.

About Advanced Interactive Gaming, Ltd.

Advanced Interactive Gaming Ltd. is based in Hamilton, Bermuda and has extensive experience in developing, producing, marketing and publishing games on all gaming platforms. Between them, the board of directors has over 100 years of experience in the games industry. For more information about Advanced Interactive Gaming Ltd. go to

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