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OneLegacy Announces Record-Setting Month in Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation


168 Organ Transplants and 21,000 Tissue Transplants Were Made
Possible in May

Continuing a five-year growth trend that has seen ongoing increases in
the number of organ, eye and tissue donors, OneLegacy announced today a
new one-month record of organs and tissues recovered and transplanted.

With 55 organ donors, 168 lifesaving organ transplants, and 281 tissue
donors in May, OneLegacy saw a 28 percent increase in organ donors, 20
percent increase in organs transplanted, and nearly 11 percent more
tissues recovered, as compared with the same numbers from May 2017. This
milestone continues the growth trend for OneLegacy, thanks to the
combined efforts of OneLegacy's professional staff, hospitals and
generous donors and families.

As the federally designated nonprofit organ procurement organization in
charge of organ, eye, and tissue donation and recovery in the greater
Los Angeles area, these record numbers translate into more lives saved
and healed in Southern California, thanks to the power of donation.

"At OneLegacy we continue to pioneer clinical, technical and social
change innovations to end deaths on the waitlists and give waiting
recipients a second chance at life and health," said Tom Mone, chief
executive officer at OneLegacy. "With 20 people dying each day
nationwide while waiting for a lifesaving organ donation, our work
remains vitally important as is our commitment to helping our community
increase lifesaving and healing donation."

OneLegacy donation professionals work in conjunction with medical and
patient care staff at more than 200 hospitals, 11 transplant centers,
seven sheriff-coroner departments, and hundreds of funeral homes.
Additionally, a robust team of volunteers and public education staff
actively connect with local communities, with a goal of encouraging
donor registration and sharing the importance of organ, eye and tissue

In addition to their record-setting performance during May 2018,
OneLegacy has reached a new milestone for their recently opened Donor
Recovery Center in Redlands with 102 recovered tissue donors, according
to OneLegacy Chief Operating Officer Prasad Garimella. "As we continue
working with local hospitals in the Inland Empire, we look forward to
increasing the number of organ and tissue recoveries taking place at our
Redlands facilities."

OneLegacy's continued increase in organ and tissue donation has been
possible thanks to OneLegacy's best practices and innovative electronic
donor record system (digitalDONOR) as well as the organization's
significant investment in a highly skilled team of 350 donation
professionals, who bring compassion and dedication to the mission of

Currently, nearly 115,000 Americans are waiting to receive lifesaving
hearts, livers, lungs, kidneys and pancreas; but there are simply not
enough donors to meet the growing demand, thus making the work of
OneLegacy more important than ever.

About OneLegacy

OneLegacy is the nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives
through organ, eye and tissue donation in seven counties in Southern
California: Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino,
Ventura, Santa Barbara and Kern. Serving more than 200 hospitals, 11
transplant centers and a diverse population of nearly 20 million,
OneLegacy is the largest organ, eye and tissue recovery organization in
the world. For more information, visit

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