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Canary Mail ONLY iOS App Not Vulnerable to Efail


Canary Mail ONLY iOS App Not Vulnerable to Efail

Canary Mail is the only PGP-compatible provider-independent email app on the iPhone that is not vulnerable to eFail

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SAN FRANCISCO, May 17, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Researchers recently published findings regarding a major security flaw in several popular apps and tools that offer email encryption. The flaw allows an attacker to exfiltrate content of encrypted emails by altering their HTML. While the flaw has been known for several years and has been addressed at a protocol level via mechanisms such as MDC, several apps and tools were found to not have implemented support for the same.

As per the researchers' testing, Canary Mail is the only app in the iOS category that is not vulnerable to this flaw. Unlike some other encrypted apps that only work with a specific mail provider, Canary Mail provides the highest level of security across all popular email providers including Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Office365, iCloud, any many more.

Canary Mail also allows complete blocking of remote content that further enhances email security. While most other apps were found to be ineffective in blocking certain HTML attributes, no such HTML bypasses or vulnerabilities were discovered in Canary.

The findings have understandably generated much concern amongst PGP / GPG users. Since this is a client side flaw, and not an issue with the PGP protocol, the solution lies in switching from a vulnerable app or tool to a secure one, and not in suspending use of PGP, as has been misguidedly advocated elsewhere.

Canary Mail is an excellent choice for financial, legal, and media organizations that need a secure, universally-compatible email solution for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. With its powerful set of productivity features, it is well suited to handling today's email volumes securely and efficiently. Following an extensive security audit by a respected cybersecurity firm, Canary has been adopted as the preferred mail app by a leading tech giant.

The Canary Mail team remains committed to enhancing email security for all, and encourages journalists and researchers to request more information about the technology we've developed and safeguards we've implemented by emailing info[at]


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