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Details On Decentralization: Trecento To Take Part In The d10e Conference


Details On Decentralization: Trecento To Take Part In The d10e Conference

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PARIS, May 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- As an investment fund that participates in an array of blockchain ventures, Trecento has the potential to expand funding for blockchain and cryptocurrency development. The fund will be participating in this year's d10e conference. Held in Tokyo, the event will showcase blockchain and other decentralized technologies, giving Trecento a chance to demonstrate just how valuable its investment strategy is.

Founded in 2014, d10e is a global conference that brings together leaders in decentralization. The event has already made its way to more than a dozen countries and territories, including Israel, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Poland, and the Cayman Islands. It has taken an interest in a wide range of technologies that advance decentralization, including blockchain storage.

Trecento is an investment fund that focuses on cryptocurrencies and other blockchain assets. The company brings together five different types of funds, thereby achieving a high level of diversification so that investors are safe from many of this emerging market's risks. By taking part in d10e, Trecento hopes to show the world its potential as a source of blockchain funding. In this way, it can earn more support and investments while advancing the blockchain industry as a whole.

d10e Details

d10e began in 2014, and has quickly expanded to become one of the most popular and successful decentralization conferences on the planet. It encourages communication and collaboration between all the organizations and individuals who are involved in the development of decentralized technologies. These include the blockchain, a storage method that prevents fraud or theft by tying data together into immutable chains. The conference also promotes fintech, the sharing economy, and a range of other technologies and trends.

The d10e conference travels to as many cities as possible each year. This helps it raise support while encouraging people across the globe to take an interest in decentralized technology. They plan to visit 25 cities in 2018, including Tokyo, where they will be from April 28th to May 1st.

Taking Stock of Trecento

Trecento will be participating in the Tokyo d10e event as part of its effort to attract a new pool of investors for blockchain ventures. As an investment firm that focuses on cryptocurrency and blockchain assets, Trecento has developed a strategy for success that involves:

  • Five distinct funds for different asset types. This ensures high levels of diversification, keeping risks to a minimum for investors.
  • A team of skilled, experienced investors. These individuals have a cumulative total of 120 years of investment experience, having completed more than 160 investment deals and handled € 32 million in assets.
  • A transparent approach to performance and fund management. This helps investors who may be skeptical about the fund's strategies understand exactly what Trecento is doing and how it is likely to succeed.

Trecento has the potential to advance blockchain technology by bringing in capital from a new generation of investors. This will in turn spread the profits of this industry, allowing a broader section of the population to benefit from it. The platform will thus play a critical role in the future of decentralization.

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