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GainsWave in Seattle - Dr. Kate Kass Offers Innovative ED Treatment in Washington State


GainsWave in Seattle - Dr. Kate Kass Offers Innovative ED Treatment in Washington State

Dr. Kate Kass is now offering GAINSWave treatment as an alternative therapy for erectile dysfunction.

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SEATTLE, May 2, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Dr. Kate Kass, a local erectile dysfunction treatment provider, is one of very few doctors who offer GAINSWave in Seattle. GAINSWave is a form of ED shockwave therapy that is noninvasive and painless. The nature of the procedure is high-frequency, but low-intensity, meaning the effectiveness is there but the patients do not feel anything.

Erectile dysfunction targets men as they age. The older you are, the greater your risk of erectile dysfunction. For that reason, GAINSWave is popular among adult males.

The side effects of ED are unfortunate. The blood vessels in the penis start to weaken with age. As blood vessels lose their functionality, they become smaller. The blood vessels subsequently contract and become narrow.

Plaque keeps blood vessels from working properly. This buildup keeps blood from flowing to the penis. This buildup of unwanted micro-plaque decreases sensitivity and erections are not only harder to maintain but they become harder to achieve in the first place. Without blood flow, an erection cannot occur. Even a minimal restriction of blood flow to the penis decreases arousal.

GAINSWave is a revolutionary treatment for ED because it targets the source of the erectile dysfunction: blood vessels along the penis. By reducing the amount of penile micro-plaque surrounding the blood vessels, sensitivity is restored and erections are stronger and last longer. The shockwaves repair damaged blood vessels and allow blood flow to return to a normal, steady rate.

GAINSWave addresses the source of the problem and gets rid of two of the most detrimental ED side effects: low sex drive and performance. Erectile dysfunction keeps natural erections from happening, and this creates a lot of embarrassment for men, so their interest in sex is lowered.

They also cannot perform as well as they might otherwise be able to, due to their inability to maintain erections. GAINSWave is a saving grace for any men experiencing erectile dysfunction. It is a proven alternative for people who do not want to take a pill, like Viagra, for their ED. If anyone is experiencing trouble caused by erectile dysfunction, GAINSWave is something you should seriously consider.

Dr. Kate Kass is a skilled professional who has spent years studying erectile dysfunction. She has been practicing since 2014, first in a shared clinic and now in an office of her very own. Dr. Kass specializes in functional medicine and naturopathy. She believes that illnesses are related to an imbalance in diet, environmental factors, lifestyle, and stress, to name a few. She focuses on overall wellness, as opposed to conventional medicine that only addresses the problem at hand. Dr. Kate Kass prefers to look at the bigger picture.

Dr. Kass was the first doctor to introduce GAINSWave on the west coast and one of very few who offer the shockwave therapy at all. She is at the forefront of her field, but is also focused on the doctor-patient relationship. Unlike many physicians who would meet with patients for a few minutes and then pass the procedure onto an aid, Dr. Kass works directly with every patient from start to finish.

The Functional Medicine Clinic Seattle is now offering GAINSWave treatment as an alternative therapy for erectile dysfunction. Her office is located at 11820 Northup Way Suite E-105 in Bellevue, WA, 98005.

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