Newchip Makes the Apple Top 100 Apps List

Austin, Texas, May 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Newchip, a marketplace that is reinventing the way everyday Americans invest, is climbing the charts this month. It made Apple's Top 100 Finance apps list, is currently ranked #1 for startup investing, and is in the top 10 for fundraising and stock market investing.

Newchip is an aggregator marketplace for new and experienced investors to search and invest in hundreds of investment opportunities starting as low as $100. By combining other marketplaces into a single platform, it makes it easier to build a diverse portfolio.

"Our team strives to make both investing and capital raising for early stage companies easier and more accessible. Everything is moving online and we are quickly becoming the Google for millennial investors," said Ryan Rafols, Founder and CEO of Newchip.

Apple currently lists over 2.2 million apps with thousands of new releases each day competing for the top 100. "We're honored to make the list. It's a mixture of hard work from our team as well as the viral nature of investing with friends. Millennials don't want an AngelList, it's confusing for them. They want to see what their friends are investing in, research it, and invest together," said Matt Bell, Director of Marketing at Newchip.

Newchip recently opened up its marketplace to blockchain and securitized tokens in April and is continually adding in new sectors, categories, and hundreds of investment opportunities each month.

About Newchip:
Newchip connects new and experienced investors to business and real estate investment opportunities around the nation. Investors can start investing with as low as $100 and entrepreneurs can raise up to $50 million. In 2017, $300 million in investment capital was sought by 800+ listed companies. For more information, visit

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