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TicketSauce Launches Advanced E-ticketing Security Feature with Photo Upload Capability


Electronic Photo Ticketing Provides Additional Layer of Security for

a private label event management software company that focuses on
growing revenue and data for media organizations, associations and event
organizers, today announced an advanced security feature for its
E-ticketing solutions incorporating a custom photo upload capability.

Security has always been an important initiative for events worldwide.
By enabling event organizers to add additional layers of security to
their ticketing processes, TicketSauce helps provide a level of
confidence and safety among staff, attendees and the general public. The
ability to upload a facial photo on all tickets and match the photo with
the names on each ticket raises the bar in terms of secure ticketing
decreasing fraudulent activity and keeps events safer.

"This is just another step in our efforts to provide the most robust and
secure level of ticketing to all our customers and their events," said
Travis Fisher, CEO of TicketSauce. "As one of the first E-ticketing
companies to enable customized photo ticketing, we are raising the bar
for manual photo/name checks upon entry and look forward to opening the
gates for the next phase of E-ticketing security with facial recognition
software in the future."

Not only does the photo ticketing provide a next-level security layer,
it can also provide an easy means for ticket filtering for VIP only
events or entries, exclusive benefits, quicker event access, and
photo-only ticketing entry lines, to name a few.

Ticket security is a primary concern for everyone – those organizing the
event and those attending. With advances in technology and digital
imaging, it has become easier and easier to produce duplicate event
tickets. TicketSauce has been diligent in taking this into consideration
with a host of security measures to divert and prevent potential ticket
fraud. "This next layer of photo ticketing helps our customers stay
ahead of the trend and be a front runner for safer event consideration,"
continued Fisher.

"We are always looking to reduce fraud at our events while providing an
increased level of security for our attendees as well as our organizers
and are excited to continue our work with TicketSauce," stated John
Kane, Director of CitySpin Ticketing and Events.

As a complete event ticketing solution, TicketSauce's robust, easy and
fully-customizable ticketing software provides a simple way to create
events and generate additional revenue. End user customers can expect a
hassle-free, secure, easy-to-navigate and enjoyable ticket buying

About TicketSauce

TicketSauce is a private label "Software as a Service" event management
solution focusing on growing transactional revenue and data for media
companies, event organizers, and convention/visitor bureaus.

The complete event management platform provides the ability to control
service fee related revenue and provide additional promotion for any
events. Its robust, easy and fully-customizable event software provides
customers with a hassle-free, secure and enjoyable event creation and
ticket buying experience.

Trusted by industry leaders in media, associations and event organizers
that include CBS Radio, Gannett, Berkshire Hathaway Media Group,
Melbourne Racing Club and Entercom Radio, TicketSauce provides a new way
to grow revenue and data for your events. For more information contact: TicketSauce.

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