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Zeeto Closes Funding Round with Haas Portman to Further Scale Co's Publisher Monetization Platform


Data discovery company, Zeeto, continues its upward trajectory with the
recent completion of a strategic financing round lead by Haas Portman.
The investment leverages the joint family office's strong internal
assets and deep relationships to help scale Zeeto's monetization

Unlike traditional ad networks that use context to decide which ads to
display, Zeeto first asks users questions to discover high value data
about them and then uses those data points to target ads. Zeeto's
monetization is easy to implement, fully native and performs
exponentially better than traditional ads due to the added data.

"We see Zeeto as a way to help solve one of the largest problems that
the publishing industry faces today, which is not being able to
effectively monetize their traffic. Publishers compete against companies
like Google and Facebook for advertising dollars but without having the
targeting capabilities that advertisers demand. We believe Zeeto's
platform addresses that challenge in a very elegant and easy to
implement way," said Grant Haas, Managing Partner of Haas Portman/GM
Haas. "We believe that Zeeto is the next wave of innovation for the
publishing world and will add an entirely new revenue stream to many
existing companies. We look forward to a long and successful

"We are thrilled to be working with Haas Portman," said Zeeto CEO,
Stephan Goss. "Their deep relationship network in the publishing space
will be invaluable as we are scaling over the next 6 months and give us
direct access to major publishers, accelerating the speed at which we
can deploy our platform and capture the market leader position."

The Haas family brings a wealth of experience to the publishing,
advertising, and broadcasting space with decades worth of innovative
contributions to the industry. Haas Publishing's indelible mark is a
product of owning over 50 publications, and notably founding The
Apartment Guide and Distributech.

Together, Zeeto and Haas Portman look to leverage each other's rich
industry backgrounds and bring innovative advancements to the world of
online advertising. For further inquiries please contact Brian Jones at

About Haas Portman

Haas Portman is a joint family office that leverages their strong
internal assets and deep relationships, to invest and provide value to
primarily, but not limited to, earlier stage companies.

About Zeeto

Zeeto's mission is to enable publishers, entrepreneurs and content
providers to drive the next wave of online innovation by monetizing
their traffic more efficiently. Unlike traditional ad networks, we don't
guess, we don't scrape or infer data. Instead, we simply ask users
questions and use the answers to target ads. This allows for optimal
CPM's, driving incremental revenue for our publishers that they can
re-invest in their business.

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