Market Overview

Nowsight Provides AccountMate Clients a Pro-Active and Prescriptive View With Their Business Intelligence (BI) Solution


Nowsight creates tight integration with their Business Analytics to ERP
provider AccountMate software. Nowsight couples opinionated analytics
with real-time visibility so that management and employees can spend
more time making money, gaining efficiencies, and achieving breakthrough

Nowsight creates a single source of Business Intelligence data in real
time, and emails a dashboard tailored specifically for the individuals
receiving it based on their role in the organization. Everyone is
operating on the same "sheet of music", coordinating business across the
entire organization.

Nowsight eliminates the usual organizational scenario of half, or more,
of employees spending 30-50% of their time creating siloed spreadsheets
and reports. Stopping these activities unleashes expert resources within
the company to create better customer satisfaction for their customers,
gain new revenue for the company, and more performance opportunities for
everyone on the team.

Nowsight's "always-on" dashboard, text alerts for critical business
insights, and daily emails bring together information from across an
organization on sales, operations, performance, and ROI that are
typically housed in spreadsheets or systems that don't "talk" to each
other. The Nowsight dashboard correlates all of this data into one
picture across the entire organization, while also enabling the ability
to drill-down into specific activities or transactions; everyone can see
the aggregate and the particulars.

Nowsight is able to advise and proactively alert whether activities are
in-line with specific goals, and compare that across specific periods of
time, past periods of time, relative to the target for a specific period
of time, and even compare specific employees' best performance or
performance-relative-to-peers in an operations or sales environment. An
example would be Sarah Salesperson's results throughout the month
compared to the monthly goal she set, and compared to the same time last
year, and also showing her which quotes she'd need to convert to meet
her targeted sales goal for that day as well as her monthly sales goal.

It doesn't stop there. Nowsight goes further with a built-in alert
system, making it proactive in its approach. When activity falls above
or below thresholds, Nowsight's alerts let everyone know. Management can
course-correct in real-time, instead of waiting for the month-end
reporting which is comprised of data that is typically up to two months
behind. Instead, Nowsight's real-time view of individuals, groups,
divisions, geography, and finances can all be graphically represented.
Daily email alerts broadcast to help steer a better course or provide
positive recognition. Think of the human power potential you could
unleash in your organization if your company management is able to
congratulate your sales force or your line operations people in real
time, as they hit or exceed their goals.

Each client can take advantage of Nowsight's philosophy of providing
proactive and prescriptive view of data as it is happening -- or even
before it is happening. Their approach is to engineer a Business
Intelligence system the way a company needs to see results and customize
it to empower everyone within the organization to be successful. They
will work with companies to provide tiered targets, performance metrics,
best scores, and customized gauges in place to evaluate the true
performance of an organization.

David Dierke, President & CEO of AccountMate, said recently, "I am
extremely pleased that we have partnered with Nowsight to bring our
resellers and their clients a Business Intelligence solution that will
build a data strategy for companies across all of their departments and
locations. The power of Nowsight and their staff's high level of
understanding of correlating related data will provide the value clients
can expect in analyzing their own data and acting on situations quickly.
It's an impressive add-on solution for the AccountMate financial system."

Nowsight's CEO, Michael Schader is equally excited about the
relationship with AccountMate. "Our leading edge Dashboard and Business
Intelligence solutions are a perfect fit with the business eco-system of
AccountMate, its resellers, and end users. We have a strong track record
of helping customers achieve rapid and sustainable results by using
existing data in real-time powerful visualizations, intelligent alerts,
and personalized, narrative emails showing performance versus goals and

Getting results with Nowsight and their integration with AccountMate
will provide clients with the information to enable them to monitor and
grow their business.

About AccountMate

Founded in 1984, AccountMate develops and markets fully modifiable
business accounting software. Systems range from single user versions to
those that support hundreds of users simultaneously. AccountMate
software is available for local or cloud installation. It is distributed
exclusively through a worldwide channel of authorized solution
providers. AccountMate can be reached at (800) 877-8896 or at

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