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Ubiquiti Networks Reports Third Quarter Fiscal 2018 Financial Results


~Revenues of $250.4 million~

~GAAP and Non-GAAP EPS of $1.32 and $0.98, respectively~

~Repatriated $677 million in Cash from Foreign Subsidiaries~

Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ:UBNT) ("Ubiquiti" or the "Company")
today announced results for the third fiscal quarter of 2018, ended
March 31, 2018.

Third Quarter Fiscal 2018 Financial Highlights

  • Revenues of $250.4 million, increasing 14.7% year-over-year
  • Repurchased 4,389,195 shares of common stock through May 7, 2018,
    at an average price of $66.53 per share
  • Initiated a new $200 million stock repurchase program, as
    disclosed in the Form 8-K filed on May 10, 2018
  • Repatriated $677.2 million in cash from foreign subsidiaries to
    U.S. banks
  • Entered into a new credit facility, providing for a $500
    million term loan and $400 million revolving credit facility, as
    disclosed in the Form 8-K filed on January 23, 2018

Financial Highlights ($, in millions, except per share data)

Income statement highlights   F3Q18   F2Q18   F3Q17
Revenues 250.4 250.8 218.4
Service Provider Technology 100.9 119.9 104.7
Enterprise Technology 149.5 131.0 113.6
Gross profit 114.5 96.9 99.1
Gross Profit (%) 45.7% 38.6% 45.4%
Total Operating Expenses 29.6 30.8 25.7
Income from Operations 84.9 66.1 73.4
GAAP Net Income/(Loss) 102.7 (51.5) 64.4
GAAP EPS (diluted) 1.32 (0.66) 0.77
Non-GAAP Net Income 76.0 59.6 64.6
Non-GAAP EPS (diluted) 0.98 0.76 0.78

Gross Margins

During this quarter, GAAP gross profit was $114.5 million. GAAP gross
margin of 45.7% increased versus the prior year gross margin of 45.4%.
Third quarter fiscal 2018 GAAP gross margin sequential increase was
driven by the $18.6 million taken in provisions for obsolete inventory,
vendor deposits and loss on purchase commitments during the second
quarter fiscal 2018.

Balance Sheet Highlights

Cash. Total cash and cash
equivalents as of March 31, 2018 were $690.8 million, compared with
$604.2 million as of June 30, 2017. As of March 31, 2018, the Company
held $128.6 million of cash and cash equivalents in accounts of the
Company's subsidiaries outside of the United States. Cash and cash
equivalents, less debt (net cash) of $199.9 million decreased $156.2
million sequentially. The sequential decrease in net cash during the
third quarter of fiscal 2018 was primarily driven by the repurchase of
common stock and was partially offset by operating earnings. Note that
$22.0 million in share repurchases made during the third quarter fiscal
2018 were settled during the fourth quarter fiscal 2018.

The Company repatriated $677.2 million in cash from its foreign
subsidiaries to U.S. banks, providing liquidity for the Company's share
repurchase program.

Borrowing Availability. On January
17, 2018, the Company entered into an amended and restated credit
agreement. The agreement provides credit facilities of $900 million,
consisting of a $500 million term loan which was entirely drawn at
closing and a $400 million revolving credit facility, which remains
undrawn as of March 31, 2018.

DSOs. Third quarter fiscal 2018 days
sales outstanding in accounts receivable ("DSO") were 57 days, compared
with 58 days in the prior quarter, and 52 days in the third quarter of
fiscal 2017.

Inventory. Inventory at the end of
the quarter decreased $6.1 million to $92.8 million. Inventory weeks on
hand decreased slightly on a sequential basis to 9.1 weeks in the
current quarter versus 9.4 weeks the prior quarter.

Business Outlook

Based on recent business trends, the Company believes that it is on
track to achieve the low-end of the revenue and non-GAAP diluted
earnings-per-share guidance previously provided for the full fiscal year
ending June 30, 2018 and has no update to previously provided long-term

Conference Call Information

Ubiquiti Networks will host a Q&A-only call to discuss the Company's
financial results at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time today. Management's
prepared remarks can be found on the Investor Relations section of the
Ubiquiti Networks website,
To listen to the Q&A call via telephone, dial 1-800-239-9838 (U.S.
toll-free) or 1-323-794-2551 (International). Participants should dial
in at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the call.

Investors may also listen to a live webcast of the Q&A conference call
by visiting the Investor Relations section of the Ubiquiti
Networks website at
A recording of the Q&A call will be available for replay at

About Ubiquiti Networks

Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. currently focuses on 3 main technologies:
high-capacity distributed Internet access, unified information
technology, and next-gen consumer electronics for home and personal use.
The majority of the company's resources consist of entrepreneurial and
de-centralized R&D teams. Ubiquiti does not employ a traditional direct
sales force, but instead drives brand awareness largely through the
company's user community where customers can interface directly with
R&D, marketing, and support. With over 70 million devices shipped in
over 200 countries and territories in the world, Ubiquiti aims to
connect everyone to everything, everywhere. Ubiquiti was founded by
former Apple engineer Robert Pera in 2005. More insight about the
company management can be found at

Ubiquiti, Ubiquiti Networks, the U logo, UBNT, airMAX, airFiber, mFi,
EdgeMAX, UniFi, AmpliFi and UFiber are registered trademarks or
trademarks of Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. in the United States and other

Safe Harbor for Forward Looking Statements

Certain statements in this press release are forward-looking statements
within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as
amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as
amended. Statements other than statements of historical fact including
words such as "look", "will", "anticipate", "believe", "estimate",
"expect", "forecast", "consider" and "plan" and statements in the future
tense are forward looking statements. The statements in this press
release that could be deemed forward-looking statements include
statements regarding expectations for financial results for the fourth
fiscal quarter of 2018 and full fiscal year 2018, and statements
regarding expectations related to the repatriation of foreign earnings
under recent federal tax reform, expected impact of taxes on our
liquidity and results of operations, our cash position, expenses, DSO,
number of distributors and resellers, shipments, the roll-out of our
consumer retail channel, the introduction of new consumer products,
Gross Margins, R&D, SG&A, tax rates, inventory turns, growth
opportunities, demand and long term global environment for our products,
new products, and financial performance estimates including revenues and
GAAP diluted EPS for the Company's fourth fiscal quarter of 2018 and
full fiscal year 2018, and any statements or assumptions underlying any
of the foregoing.

Forward-looking statements are subject to certain risks and
uncertainties that could cause our actual future results to differ
materially or cause a material adverse impact on our results. Potential
risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, fluctuations in
our operating results; varying demand for our products due to the
financial and operating condition of our distributors and their
customers, and distributors' inventory management practices; political
and economic conditions and volatility affecting the stability of
business environments, economic growth, currency values, commodity
prices and other factors that may influence the ultimate demand for our
products in particular geographies or globally; impact of counterfeiting
and our ability to contain such impact; our reliance on a limited number
of distributors; inability of our contract manufacturers and suppliers
to meet our demand; our dependence on Qualcomm Atheros for chipsets
without a short-term alternative; as we move into new markets
competition from certain of our current or potential competitors who may
be more established in such markets; our ability to keep pace with
technological and market developments; success and timing of new product
introductions by us and the performance of our products generally; our
ability to effectively manage the significant increase in our
transactional sales volumes; we may become subject to warranty claims,
product liability and product recalls; that a substantial majority of
our sales are into countries outside the United States and we are
subject to numerous U.S. export control and economic sanctions laws;
costs related to responding to government inquiries related to
regulatory compliance; our reliance on the Ubiquiti Community; our
reliance on certain key members of our management team, including our
founder and chief executive officer, Robert J. Pera; adverse tax-related
matters such as tax audits, changes in our effective tax rate or new tax
legislative proposals; whether the final determination of our income tax
liability may be materially different from our income tax provisions;
the impact of any intellectual property litigation and claims for
indemnification; litigation related to U.S. Securities laws; and
economic and political conditions in the United States and abroad. We
discuss these risks in greater detail under the heading "Risk Factors"
and elsewhere in our Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended
June 30, 2017, and subsequent filings filed with the U.S. Securities and
Exchange Commission (the "SEC"), which are available at the SEC's
website at
Copies may also be obtained by contacting the Ubiquiti Networks Investor
Relations Department, by email at
or by visiting the Investor Relations section of the Ubiquiti Networks

Given these uncertainties, you should not place undue reliance on these
forward-looking statements. Also, forward-looking statements represent
our management's beliefs and assumptions only as of the date made.
Except as required by law, Ubiquiti Networks undertakes no obligation to
update information contained herein. You should review our SEC filings
carefully and with the understanding that our actual future results may
be materially different from what we expect.

Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.
Condensed Consolidated Statement of Operations
(In thousands, except per share data)
  Three Months Ended March 31,   Nine Months Ended March 31,
2018   2017 2018   2017
Revenues $ 250,404 $ 218,359 $ 747,083 $ 636,652
Cost of revenues 135,928   119,273   424,052   344,123  
Gross profit 114,476   99,086   323,031   292,529  
Operating expenses:
Research and development 17,420 16,603 54,816 47,480
Sales, general and administrative 12,186   9,074   30,203   26,938  
Total operating expenses 29,606   25,677   85,019   74,418  
Income from operations 84,870 73,409 238,012 218,111
Interest expense and other, net (4,681 ) (1,038 ) (8,534 ) (3,307 )
Income before income taxes 80,189 72,371 229,478 214,804
Income tax expense (benefit) (22,550 ) 7,939   103,274   17,976  
Net income and comprehensive income $ 102,739   $ 64,432   $ 126,204   $ 196,828  
Net income per share of common stock:
Basic $ 1.34   $ 0.79   $ 1.61   $ 2.40  
Diluted $ 1.32   $ 0.77   $ 1.58   $ 2.35  
Weighted average shares used in computing net income per share of
common stock:
Basic 76,782   81,652   78,200   81,879  
Diluted 77,953   83,317   79,661   83,694  
Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.
Reconciliation of GAAP Net Income to Non-GAAP Net Income
(In thousands, except per share data)
  Three Months Ended   Nine Months Ended March 31,
March 31,   December 31, March 31,
2018 2017 2017 2018 2017
Net Income/(Loss) and Comprehensive Income/(Loss) $ 102,739 $ (51,459 ) $ 64,432 $ 126,204 $ 196,828
Stock-based compensation:
Cost of revenues 39 40 39 324 213
Research and development 527 370 421 1,353 1,362
Sales, general and administrative 166 370 141 747 519
Net Tax Benefits related to Equity Awards Exercises and Vesting (27,419 ) (194 ) (179 ) (28,188 ) (7,859 )
Tax Reform Transition Tax 110,708 1 112,798 1
SEC Related matters 317       317    
Tax effect of Non-GAAP adjustments (325 ) (242 ) (240 ) (932 ) (837 )
Non-GAAP net income $ 76,044   $ 59,593   $ 64,614   $ 212,623   $ 190,226  
Non-GAAP diluted EPS $ 0.98   $ 0.76   $ 0.78   $ 2.68   $ 2.29  
Shares outstanding (Diluted) 77,953 79,235 83,317 79,661 83,694
Share adjustment (ASU 2016-09 Adoption) (346 ) (471 ) (635 ) (433 ) (689 )
Weighted-average shares used in Non-GAAP diluted EPS 77,607   78,764   82,682   79,228   83,005  

About our Non-GAAP Net Income and Adjustments

1 Both periods reflect a provisional estimate of the
mandatory repatriation tax expense of $110.7 million and $2.3 million of
tax expense related to the remeasurement of deferred taxes at the lower
tax rate. Included in the Company's second fiscal quarter transition tax
calculation is an approximate $2.1 million benefit recorded in the
second fiscal quarter related to the reduced domestic rate to 28% on the
first fiscal quarter 2018 earnings which were previously provided for at
the 35% rate. As the year to date provision reflects the impact of the
reduced 28% rate for the nine-month results, this $2.1 million benefit
was not removed from the non-GAAP results for the nine-month period
ending March 31, 2018. As a result, the Company's non-GAAP Tax Reform
Transition Tax adjustment for the nine months will differ from the three
months period by the $2.1 million benefit made during the second quarter
fiscal 2018 related to first fiscal quarter 2018 earnings.

Use of Non-GAAP Financial Information

To supplement our condensed consolidated financial results prepared
under generally accepted accounting principles, or GAAP, we use non-GAAP
measures of net income and earnings per diluted share that are adjusted
to exclude certain costs, expenses and gains such as stock-based
compensation expense, net tax benefits related to equity awards
exercises and vesting, the tax effects of these non-GAAP adjustments,
the SEC related matters and Tax Reform Transition Tax.

Reconciliations of the adjustments to GAAP results for the periods
presented are provided above. In addition, an explanation of the ways in
which management uses non-GAAP financial information to evaluate its
business, the substance behind management's decision to use this
non-GAAP financial information, material limitations associated with the
use of non-GAAP financial information, the manner in which management
compensates for those limitations, and the substantive reasons
management believes that this non-GAAP financial information provides
useful information to investors is included under "About our Non-GAAP
Net Income and Adjustments" above.

A reconciliation of non-GAAP guidance measures to corresponding GAAP
measures is not available on a forward-looking basis due to the high
variability and low visibility with respect to the charges which are
excluded from these non-GAAP measures. For example, share-based
compensation expense is impacted by the Company's future price at which
the Company's stock will trade in those future periods. The items that
are being excluded are difficult to predict and a reconciliation could
result in disclosure that would be imprecise or potentially misleading.
Material changes to any one of these items could have a significant
effect on our guidance and future GAAP results. Certain exclusions, such
as share-based compensation expenses, are generally incurred each
quarter, but the amounts have historically and may continue to vary
significantly from quarter to quarter.

We believe that the presentation of non-GAAP net income and non-GAAP
earnings per diluted share provides important supplemental information
regarding non-cash expenses, significant items that we believe are
important to understanding our financial, and business trends relating
to our financial condition and results of operations. Non-GAAP net
income and non-GAAP earnings per diluted share are among the primary
indicators used by management as a basis for planning and forecasting
future periods and by management and our board of directors to determine
whether our operating performance has met specified targets and
thresholds. Management uses non-GAAP net income and non-GAAP earnings
per diluted share when evaluating operating performance because it
believes that the exclusion of the items described below, for which the
amounts or timing may vary significantly depending upon the Company's
activities and other factors, facilitates comparability of the Company's
operating performance from period to period. We have chosen to provide
this information to investors so they can analyze our operating results
in the same way that management does and use this information in their
assessment of our business and the valuation of our Company.

Use and Economic Substance of Non-GAAP Financial Measures used by
Ubiquiti Networks

We compute non-GAAP net income and non-GAAP diluted earnings per share
by adjusting GAAP net income and GAAP earnings per diluted share to
remove the impact of certain adjustments and the tax effect of those
adjustments. Items excluded from net income are:

  • SEC related matters
  • Stock-based compensation expense
  • Net Tax Benefits related to Equity Awards Exercises and Vesting
  • Tax effect of non-GAAP adjustments, applying the principles of ASC 740
  • Tax Reform Transition Tax

Usefulness of Non-GAAP Financial Information to Investors

These non-GAAP measures are not in accordance with, or an alternative
to, GAAP and may be materially different from other non-GAAP measures,
including similarly titled non-GAAP measures used by other companies.
The presentation of this additional information should not be considered
in isolation from, as a substitute for, or superior to, net income or
earnings per diluted share prepared in accordance with GAAP. Non-GAAP
financial measures have limitations in that they do not reflect certain
items that may have a material impact upon our reported financial

For more information on the non-GAAP adjustments, please see the table
captioned "Reconciliation of GAAP Net Income to Non-GAAP Net Income"
included in this press release.

Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.
Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheets
(In thousands, except share amounts)
  March 31, 2018   June 30, 2017 (1)
Current assets:
Cash and cash equivalents $ 690,806 $ 604,198
Accounts receivable, net 158,439 140,561
Inventories 92,772 142,048
Vendor Deposits 48,140 54,082
Prepaid income taxes 12,751 2,419
Prepaid expenses and other current assets 16,585   9,026
Total current assets 1,019,493 952,334
Property and equipment, net 14,791 12,916
Long-term deferred tax assets 2,833 5,133
Other long-term assets 3,703   2,328
Total assets $ 1,040,820   $ 972,711
Liabilities and Stockholders' Equity
Current liabilities:
Accounts payable $ 71,743 $ 49,008
Income taxes payable 128 1,707
Debt - short-term 24,425 14,743
Other current liabilities 56,180   33,030
Total current liabilities 152,476 98,488
Long-term taxes payable 131,895 28,023
Debt - long-term 466,453 241,821
Other long-term liabilities 4,087   2,615
Total liabilities 754,911   370,947
Stockholders' equity:
Common stock 75 80
Additional paid–in capital 525
Retained earnings 285,834   601,159
Total stockholders' equity 285,909   601,764
Total liabilities and stockholders' equity $ 1,040,820   $ 972,711
(1) Derived from audited consolidated financial statements as of and
for the year ended June 30, 2017.

Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.

Revenues by Product Type
(In thousands)
        Three Months Ended March 31,
2018   2017
Service Provider Technology $ 100,892 $ 104,724
Enterprise Technology 149,512   113,635
Total revenues $ 250,404   $ 218,359
Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.
Revenues by Geographical Area
(In thousands)
  Three Months Ended March 31,
2018   2017
North America $ 94,800 $ 78,573
South America 19,882 27,770
Europe, the Middle East and Africa ('EMEA") 113,738 87,780
Asia Pacific 21,984   24,236
Total revenues $ 250,404   $ 218,359
Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.
Condensed Consolidated Cash Flows
(In thousands)
  Nine Months Ended March 31,
2018   2017
Cash Flows from Operating Activities:
Net income $ 126,204 $ 196,828
Adjustments to reconcile net income to net cash provided by
operating activities:
Depreciation and amortization 5,069 5,138
Amortization of debt issuance costs 473 192
Write off unamortized debt issuance costs 489
Provision for inventory obsolescence 2,447 1,716
Provision/(Recovery) for loss on vendor deposits & purchase
15,050 (1,145 )
Stock-based compensation 2,423 2,093
Deferred Taxes 2,300 156
Other, net 148 855
Changes in operating assets and liabilities:
Accounts receivable (17,902 ) (43,081 )
Inventories 46,462 (76,782 )
Vendor deposits (4,076 ) (18,379 )
Prepaid income taxes (10,332 ) (10,603 )
Prepaid expenses and other assets (6,850 ) (3,829 )
Accounts payable 23,012 1,975
Income taxes payable 102,293 3,424
Deferred revenues 1,531 3,050
Accrued liabilities and other current liabilities (3,632 ) 4,287  
Net cash provided by operating activities 285,109   65,895  
Cash Flows from Investing Activities:
Purchase of property and equipment and other long-term assets (7,318 ) (5,704 )
Net cash (used in) investing activities (7,318 ) (5,704 )
Cash Flows from Financing Activities:
Proceeds from borrowing under the Second Amended & Restated Facility
- Term
Proceeds from borrowing under the Amended Credit Facility- Revolver 218,500 30,000
Repayment against Amended Credit Facility- Revolver (399,500 )
Repayment against Amended Credit Facility- Term (76,250 ) (7,500 )
Repayment against Second Amended & Restated Facility- Term (6,250 )
Debt Issuance Costs (5,186 )
Repurchases of common stock (381,883 ) (99,788 )
Proceeds from exercise of stock options 1,118 1,396
Tax withholdings related to net share settlements of equity awards (40,622 )
Tax withholdings related to net share settlements of restricted
stock units
(1,110 ) (1,386 )
Net cash (used in) financing activities (191,183 ) (77,278 )
Net increase (decrease) in cash and cash equivalents 86,608 (17,087 )
Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of period 604,198   551,031  
Cash and cash equivalents at end of period $ 690,806   $ 533,944  
Non-Cash Investing Activities:
Unpaid stock repurchases $ 21,984 $ 2,964
Unpaid property and equipment and other long-term assets $ 180 $ 85

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