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AlertSite Raises API Monitoring Bar by Providing Teams Unparalleled End-to-End Visibility into API Health


With Latest Release, AlertSite is the Only Comprehensive API
Monitoring Platform to Quickly and Easily Monitor Performance,
Availability, and Functional Correctness of APIs in Real-time

the leader in software quality tools for teams, has introduced several
new API Monitoring capabilities in AlertSite,
a market leader in performance monitoring for web, mobile, and APIs.
AlertSite transformed web monitoring with the introduction of Déjà-Click
to enable the rapid creation of monitors for websites and web
applications, and now AlertSite is transforming how teams monitor their
APIs by introducing the most comprehensive platform for API Monitoring.
The new API Monitoring capabilities in AlertSite enable operations,
DevOps, and development teams to gain unparalleled end-to-end visibility
into API performance, availability, and functional correctness in
real-time, across production, staging, and engineering environments.

As APIs increasingly serve as the foundation for digital transformation,
the need to ensure these APIs are highly reliable and performant is
critical, which has resulted in the rapid adoption of API Monitoring
tools. However, there are several challenges with existing API
Monitoring tools that often prevent teams from being able to gain the
visibility they need into the real-time health of their APIs.

First, the complexity of APIs can make it overly complex and
time-consuming to create API Monitors. Second, most API Monitoring tools
only provide basic insights into whether an API is up or down, but do
not provide sufficient visibility into functional correctness or
performance. Third, most API Monitoring tools blast false alerts several
times a day, which often results in real alerts being missed. Finally,
API updates are released more frequently than ever as a result of microservices
growth, and monitors often require extensive re-work to prevent blind
spots as APIs change.

AlertSite has taken a different approach to addressing the needs of
operations, DevOps, and development teams who need end-to-end visibility
into the real-time health of their APIs. With the new API Monitoring
capabilities in AlertSite, teams can:

  • Instantly
    create API Monitors
    in a way that matches their operational
    cadence and technical skillset: If embracing DevOps and the Shift
    Left, simply upload existing OpenAPI Specification (OAS) files. If
    running a rapid release cadence that doesn't leave time to re-work
    monitors when APIs change, simply upload existing SoapUI test scripts.
    If teams are not highly technical, simply leverage an intuitive
    point-and-click wizard.
  • Gain end-to-end
    by monitoring a sequence of related API calls, where
    information must be passed from one API call to another to complete an
    API transaction
  • Define granular,
    targeted alerting
    to ensure the right people receive alerts for
    different errors, steps, APIs, and different calls within a chained
    API transaction
  • Trust that the alerts
    are real
    with a powerful set of validation checks, such as
    retrying the run from another location to ensure there are never any
    false alarms
  • Monitor both public
    and private APIs
    through the AlertSite global network and private
    nodes either in the data center or from remote locations

"We're thrilled to continue innovating to provide new API Monitoring
capabilities in the AlertSite platform," said Anand
, VP of Products, Performance Testing & Monitoring at
SmartBear. "We've made it painless and simple to get real-time insights
into the performance, availability, and functional correctness of your
APIs, coupled with the flexibility to create API monitors through native
capabilities like endpoint and multi-step monitor creation, as well as
SoapUI test scripts and OAS definition reuse."

In addition to the new API Monitoring capabilities in AlertSite,
SmartBear continues to invest in supporting the growing API economy with
tools that manage the entire API Lifecycle. The SmartBear API Lifecycle
product line includes open source tools such as Swagger
and SoapUI,
for designing, developing, and documenting APIs using the OAS, Swagger
for testing and instantly generating OAS files for any
for automated API functional testing on REST and SOAP services, LoadUI
for API load testing, and ServiceV
for API and database virtualization.

For more information on the new API Monitoring capabilities in
AlertSite, join the webinar, "Trailblazing
the API Monitoring Landscape
," on Wednesday, May 16, 2018. Sign up

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