Education Leaders Unite Against Union Call for Strikes and Walkouts

Center for Education Reform, education advocates and charter schools are uniting to inform, arm and energize charter school teachers, activists and lawmakers about the true nature of these union backed strikes.

WASHINGTON (PRWEB) April 26, 2018

As the wave of teacher protests continues this week with walkouts and strikes planned in Arizona, Colorado and Puerto Rico, union organizers are increasingly reaching beyond their rank and file to mobilize charter school teachers. Charter schools and the non-union educators serving more than 5 million students in 44 states and DC bringing innovation, opportunity and consistently leading in student achievement, have long been the bane of American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten and pose an existential threat to the future of teacher unions.

Yet a coordinated, politically motivated effort to strengthen the union position and make it appear that they have a groundswell of support is underway. These walkouts threaten to close charter schools and provide a completely artificial "win" for the union.

Education advocates and charter schools are uniting to inform, arm and energize charter school teachers, activists and lawmakers in affected states and nationwide as to the true nature of these protests and ramifications of supporting union backed rallies, walkouts and strikes.

"We're taking a clear stand for the dedicated teachers who are delivering quality learning experiences for millions of students, and especially those who choose to work at public charter schools because they afford them the opportunity to do their jobs unfettered from the bureaucracy and mediocrity that union contracts cause," said Jeanne Allen, Founder & CEO of the Center for Education Reform. "Rather than fight for better education for all children, the AFT and NEA are focused on walk outs and strikes to support their union-building activities, pushing charter school teachers to follow them, while at the same time fighting to limit the growth of charters, impose restrictions and, worst of all, fighting to make sure charters are funded at lower levels than traditional schools. It's hypocrisy, plain and simple."

Allen penned an Op-Ed last week pointing out that AFT is, in fact, calling for teachers to strike and leave students without teachers in the classroom.

"If we want teachers to be paid well we must ensure money follows students and doesn't continue to get wasted on a bloated bureaucracy and top-heavy school districts that have grown dramatically faster than enrollment. This – and closing achievement gaps and rewarding innovation and excellent performance – is the real fight."


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