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Helping Disorders Explains Addictive Drug Statistics And Mental Health Issues


SAN DIEGO, April 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- is known for hosting helpful information on stress, anxiety, eating disorders and anxiety, and understands that living with disorders is never easy.  On an average it is reported by NIDA that more than 24.6% of Americans are addicted to one of the addictive drugs with an average age range of 15 to 60.  There could be multiple reasons that have led to the rampant increase in the consumption of drugs.  A recent survey by NSDUH, which was responded by nearly 68000 people, helped in identifying some of the most common reasons for consuming addictive depressants and drugs.  The increasing pressure at work demands more than a normal human brain can process which is causing a lot of stress and for some it is a matter of survival.  The effect of any such addictive drug helps them sustain the pressure -- another possible reason tobacco tops the charts.

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Helping Disorders Explains Addictive Drug Statistics And Mental Health Issues

In the recent wake of many disorders being reported, the Center for Change has initiated NEDAwareness (National Eating Disorder Awareness) week from Feb 26 to Mar 4, 2018.  The aim for this awareness program is to help people with eating disorders understand the impact, provide guidance, and create a support system for people around the Boise state.  Helping Disorders works in a similar space, targeting all kinds of disorders and addiction that would require more than just medication to combat it. People get addicted to depressants because of the fear of the withdrawal symptoms after they quit a long time medication.  The site has information that is not only worth reading but also the support extended by experts is noteworthy.  The support is provided to all kinds of disorders and provides treatment for anxiety, depression and addiction. is indeed a friend in need, offering support through a very difficult time.  Mental disorders are hard to live with, often leaving a scar on the person's personal and professional life. Helping Disorders has initiated this service to people across the United States to benefit from the inpatient and outpatient services and the support group service.  To know more on the services offered visit

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