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Logikcull Announces Slack Integration Amid Incursion of Chat Into Legal Discovery, Investigations

Share:, the cloud-based discovery platform on a mission to make
discovery instant and accessible for everyone, today announced that it
has released a groundbreaking feature that allows legal and compliance
professionals to search and review content created, stored and shared in
Slack, the leading enterprise communication and collaboration tool. The
feature makes data captured within the Slack platform readable,
searchable, redactable and producible, adding yet another valuable
discovery tool to Logikcull's SaaS-based platform.

Used by millions of users collectively to send billions of messages
daily, Slack has become ubiquitous in the workplace. Although the tool
dramatically improves productivity, the content that it generates can
create significant challenges and complexities for legal and compliance
professionals who are tasked with parsing it to resolve disputes ranging
from small matters to bet-the-company litigation.

With the new Slack integration feature, Logikcull users can now ingest
files exported directly from Slack as well as Slack archives. This
allows users to organize and make sense of the communication logs
contained within the Slack platform, so they can be easily searched and
reviewed in order to discover pertinent case material. Logikcull has
also engineered a new feature that helps reveal changes to messages and
records of deleted conversations that would otherwise be hidden.

"The tools used to process, search and review information for legal
disputes weren't designed to handle the abundance of new data sources
that are created daily," said Andy Wilson, CEO and Co-Founder of
Logikcull. "We're building a platform that adapts to the rapidly
changing way in which people communicate and the legal and compliance
hurdles that creates. This new feature is a big step forward in terms of
bringing new, modern-day innovations to the legal market as well as
fulfilling our company mission to make all data sources discoverable."

Whereas the process of legal discovery -- the exchange of information
between opposing parties -- has traditionally involved voluminous email
and other electronic and paper documents, the emergence of chat-based
messaging has introduced a new and particularly thorny source of
evidence. Among the biggest challenges is reckoning with the
disintegration of the traditional document, the unit of information
legal teams typically exchange as evidence and which is being replaced
by structureless, freeform communication.

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About Logikcull - Instant Discovery for Modern Legal Teams

Logikcull provides instant discovery for modern legal teams. Its secure,
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solve the expensive, complex, and risky challenges associated with
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Logikcull, you can start a discovery project in five seconds, from
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