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A10 Networks' Non-stop DNS Solution Enables Global Tier-1 Cloud Service Provider to Defeat Cyber Attacks and Scale Infrastructure


A10 Networks (NYSE:ATEN), a provider of intelligent and automated
cybersecurity solutions, today announced a global tier-1 Cloud
Service Provider has selected and deployed Thunder TPS (Threat
Protection System) with A10's Non-stop DNS solution across multiple data
centers to ensure resilience from escalating cyber-attacks, and scale
its mission critical DNS services.

The escalation of threats against critical infrastructure services has
been a wake-up call for the need for new, robust defense solutions to
safeguard business critical operations. The 2016 DDoS cyberattacks on
Dyn caused major disruptions to many high-profile websites across North
America, Europe and around the world by targeting their Domain Name
Service (DNS) infrastructures.

Fast-growing Cloud Service Providers must safeguard customer trust and
project a reliable brand image. Issues impacting service reliability and
service level agreements (SLAs) are a major concern to guarantee growth,
and DDoS protection and DNS infrastructure availability are critical to
cloud operations. The Cloud Service Provider required a superior
mitigation solution, which would integrate with their own internal
detection and management control center while providing a high
performance, flexible and cost-effective DDoS protection solution.

A10 worked with the Cloud Service Provider to create an innovative
Non-stop DNS solution to prevent anticipated DNS meltdowns due to DDoS
attacks on their DNS infrastructure. The solution, utilizing Thunder
TPS, was first deployed in 2017 to provide Non-stop DNS services for the
Cloud Service Provider.

At the heart of the new solution is a ground-breaking authoritative DNS
cache from A10 that achieves unprecedented levels of scale and
performance while protecting the backend DNS servers. This new
capability complements the industry-leading DNS service protection
available on the Thunder TPS Mitigator platform to further fortify DDoS
defenses. The overall solution provides multi-vector protection which is
highly accurate, granular, and provides scalable enforcement, ultimately
reducing CAPEX and OPEX.

A10 Thunder TPS Non-stop DNS enables the following key benefits:

  • Highly scalable authoritative DNS cache server to eliminate the impact
    of DNS DDoS attacks
    • 150x DNS performance vs a typical DNS server
    • Up to 35M queries per second (QPS)
  • Impedes attacker reconnaissance by responding in a manner that is
    indistinguishable from the backend authoritative DNS servers
  • Absorbs massive attacks while limiting the volume of queries to the
    backend DNS servers
  • Enhances the experience of legitimate users by reducing DNS response
    time especially when placed at the network edge in global service
    provider networks
  • Ease of integration with detection and management systems via OpenAPI
    (aXAPI) to automate tasks

"High profile outages caused by attacks on critical infrastructure have
demanded the creation of new solutions," said Raj Jalan, CTO, A10
Networks. "The A10 Networks Non-stop DNS solution enables any service
provider to avoid costly downtime by keeping DNS infrastructure
operational despite the largest targeted attacks."

When DNS servers are targeted by attackers, Thunder TPS Authoritative
DNS Cache can provide Non-stop DNS service with unmatched capability and


A10 Networks Thunder TPS with Non-stop DNS available now.

About A10 Networks

A10 Networks (NYSE:ATEN) is a provider of intelligent and automated
cybersecurity solutions, providing a portfolio of high-performance
secure application solutions that enable intelligent automation with
machine learning to ensure business critical applications are protected,
reliable and always available. Founded in 2004, A10 Networks is based in
San Jose, Calif., and serves customers in more than 80 countries with
offices worldwide. For more information, visit: and

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