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Ronda Baldwin-Kennedy "Waste of Taxpayers money defending unconstitutional laws"


Ronda Baldwin-Kennedy is an attorney who feels California's sanctuary policies are illegal and unconstitutional.

(PRWEB) March 14, 2018


Ronda Baldwin-Kennedy is an African American female Republican running on the illegal passage of SB54 Sanctuary State. Like President Trump, Ronda believes California's sanctuary policies are illegal and unconstitutional. "We need to enforce our immigration laws not enact laws that tie the hands of law enforcement. Why are we spending CA and Federal tax dollars to litigate sanctuary? Who's footing the bill? Since 2013, illegal immigration is costing taxpayers over $135 billion a year. Tax payers are footing the expense. Sanctuary policies encourage illegal immigration which in turn increase costs.

A path way to citizenship and securing our boarder is the only way to solve this problem. I empathize with illegal immigrant, like African Americans the Democrats are using free of deportation to gain support from illegal immigrants.

Ronda Baldwin-Kennedy, Esq., was born in Milwaukee Wisconsin. She is the Great Granddaughter of that States first black State Assemblyman. Raised to be civically minded, she had worked as a building inspector, before moving west. Upon arriving in California, she entered the world of artist management and concert promotion, then leaving to pursue a career as an attorney.

Keeping in politics, Ronda had worked on several campaigns. She is a member of the California chapter of the Sports Lawyers Association and the National Republican Lawyers Association who helped watch the poll voting integrity. She has been a strong advocate for Californian's to receive fair treatment and a loud voice in fighting injustice. Ronda has been calling for AG Action as soon as the passage happened, however she didn't have a loud enough voice, which is why she has decided to run for Assembly 44.


Working families, single parents, college students, senior citizens on a fixed income and business owners to name a few of those who are struggling with the gas tax. SB1 went into effect January 1, 2018 and is costing Californians an extra 12 cents per gallon and 20 cents per gallon on diesel. The increase in fuel cost will have snow ball effect on the cost of items being transported by truck, items such as food. This tax increase is a slap on the face for working Californians, it is the poor and middle class families affected the hardest by this increase. California has the second highest gas prices in the county, only 2nd to Hawaii, according to AAA.
Ronda is a practicing attorney with offices in Ventura. Owner of her own firm, she understands the challenges many business owners face in California. Furthermore, she is the dean of a California Law School. Moreover, she is a wife and mother of six children (including five-year-old triplets) and three grandchildren.

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