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FLASR Validates Share Structure in Light of REG SHO Activity


ATLANTA, March 28, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FLSR previously reported that the Company is progressing with the work of bringing the Company current. The Company has elected to publicly validate and summarize its equity structure, authorized, issued, outstanding, restricted and publicly tradable float.

Gary Freeman, Chairman of Dinostar, stated: "While this may be unconventional, it is not without considerable discussion and forethought. The Company is several months from becoming current. We always intended to be fully transparent, however extreme market conditions and unusual or irregular trading patterns has produced the following unexplainable short positions in the Company's common stock."

The following table numerically represents the present issue.  

3/19/2018 FLSR   456,000,000.00   520,996,960.00
3/20/2018 FLSR   135,346,846.00   254,006,846.00
3/21/2018 FLSR   1,263,777,549.00   2,252,780,805.00
3/22/2018 FLSR   477,586,662.00   729,623,216.00
3/23/2018 FLSR   769,957,976.00   1,170,400,331.00
3/26/2018 FLSR   145,036,029.00   227,834,943.00
3/27/2018 FLSR   204,143,442.00   512,256,698.00
Source - SEC REG SHO     

"We believe in business transparency. We have received dozens of phone calls and hundreds of emails from shareholders and interested parties regarding the following clarification," stated Mr. Freeman, "Therefore the below table represents the Company's share structure and most importantly the unchanged number of shares in the public float. The issued and outstanding has remained unchanged since early March at 4,876,507,249."

COM   10,000,000,000     4,876,507,249 COMMON
PREF   15,000,000     1,808,683,143 RESTRICTED 144
    10,015,000,000     3,067,824,106 FLOAT 

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements as FLSR completes its restructuring and acquisition program.

About FLASR.
FLASR's wholly owned subsidiary is an entirely new breed of Fractional Ownership Company.  We utilize a proprietary "War-Ship" strategy that combines Fractional Ownership related investment and a fee-based business of immediate, irrevocable and permanent transfer of specific legacy timeshare. We manage a portfolio of specific Fractional Loan Asset Backed Securities, timeshare public company's equites, specific exchange traded options, off-exchange derivatives, swap contracts as well as other privately negotiated instruments.  Our portfolio is one of the largest private collections of well-known branded timeshare assets.

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