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Merrill Corporation alongside Leading Technology Companies, Launch New Category for M&A Professionals


Merrill Corporation collaborates with Microsoft, MongoDB and Pivotal
to launch a SaaS application for due diligence participants

Merrill Corporation announces the availability of a new application
category for M&A professionals, Merrill DatasiteOne. This SaaS
application is specifically modeled to address the demands of due
diligence participants across the capital market value-chain. In
addition to extensive market research with end users, DatasiteOne was
built through deep collaborative relationships involving some of the
most respected and innovative cloud technology application providers in
the software development space. Pivotal, MongoDB and Microsoft worked
with Merrill product developers to provide the infrastructure for
building and releasing Merrill DatasiteOne for Due Diligence.

Merrill uses MongoDB technology to build horizontal applications on top
of four key pillars: a secure repository, document collaboration, data
and machine learning as well as analytics. Pivotal Cloud Foundry is used
across all engineering stages - development, testing and production -
with a focus on maximizing the microservices infrastructure that
arranges the application into a suite of independently deployable,
modular services. For security, identity and storage components Merrill
DatasiteOne uses Microsoft Azure Key Vault, Azure Active Directory and
Azure Storage.

Merrill DatasiteOne users gain immediate access to the scale of the
cloud, cutting-edge innovation and continual upgrade deployment,
ironclad security and service speeds, paired with Merrill's legacy of
service quality and domain expertise. The result is an industry-defining
SaaS application for due diligence professionals that delivers results
with unprecedented speed and precision.

"DatasiteOne is super-modern and a technologist's dream. Our use of a
microservices architecture allowed us to create independent, loosely
coupled modules and rapidly iterate on functionality without affecting
other application components," says Merrill Chief Product Officer Thomas
Fredell. "Working with some of the largest cloud providers gave us
immediate agility resulting in fast user experience design, iterative
development cycles, industry leading production times and highly
satisfied clients."

Ed Fandrey, Vice President, U.S. Financial Services Industry at
Microsoft says: "Microsoft Azure is a premiere destination for SaaS
companies serving financial services. Microsoft's industry-leading
compliance portfolio assists financial institutions moving to the cloud
while meeting current compliance and data residency requirements, as
well as planning for future regulations like the General Data Protection

"The financial services industry is facing ever-changing competitive
dynamics, as well as increased regulation calling for accountability and
transparency. Innovative companies that cater to the financial services
community, such as Merrill, are addressing this by reinventing their
core applications," said Sahir Azam, Vice President of Cloud Products,
MongoDB. "MongoDB enables SaaS leaders to innovate in an agile fashion
by rolling out hundreds of updates each month, all while staying ahead
of an evolving regulatory environment."

"Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) was designed to help the world's largest
enterprises move at startup speeds, by building and running applications
on PCF to unleash software-developer productivity, and create an
environment for innovation to scale," said Bill Cook, President of
Pivotal. "We're also excited to collaborate with Merrill Corporation to
help launch Merrill DatasiteOne, a next-generation SaaS product for the
financial services industry, on our cloud-native platform."

Merrill DatasiteOne is now available. Hundreds of forward-thinking
companies and thousands of due diligence professionals are already using
this technology to execute IPO, M&A or compliance transactions.

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Merrill Corporation provides technology-enabled platforms for secure
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