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Make the World a Happier Place in March at Happiness Walls across the U.S. and in Seven Countries, Celebrating UN's International Day of Happiness March 20


By 2030, depression and mental health problems will be among the most
widespread and costly diseases in the developed world. Promoting
resilience can prevent depression, anxiety and behavior problems in
young people. Additionally, societal discourse has become increasingly
fraught with polarization and distrust.

How do we as a global society, seemingly mired in personal and political
conflict, find a solution?

One promising answer—a global movement to make the world a happier
place. An American organization, Live
, wants to mobilize the world during the
month of March to get behind the UN-sanctioned International Day of
Happiness, Tuesday, March 20. Now in its fifth year, the month long #HappyActs
celebration offers an easy way for participants to spread happiness and
make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of those around

"It's easy to participate," says #HappyActs spokesperson Deborah
Heisz. "You can start simply, by making someone's day a little brighter,
or you can go bigger by spreading happiness on one of the Happiness
Walls going up worldwide."

#HappyActs sponsor Nerium
is partnering with Live Happy by building a
record-breaking number of Happiness Walls in schools, malls and public
places across North America and globally. The wall is one of a range of
activities and fun ideas to be found at

  • Perform and share your Happy Acts during March or post your own Happy
    Dance on social media using the hashtag #HappyActs. Need ideas?
    Download a free
    #HappyActs calendar
    to get inspiration.
  • Create a wall. Download a free
    Happiness Wall kit
    or purchase
    a wall kit
    from the Live Happy online store.
  • Text 64600 with the word HappyActs for reminders and suggestions on
    sharing happiness in March and sign up for the official e-newsletter
  • Visit a Live Happy Happiness Wall; for a complete list of wall
    locations, go to
  • During March, download the current digital edition of Live Happy
    magazine on iTunes or Google Play for free.

Research shows that happy people tend to be more successful, live
longer, connect better with family and friends, miss less work and
donate more. The science behind happiness, positive
, provides real world ways to lead more fulfilling lives
and help others do the same.

Live Happy and Nerium are supporting this action by encouraging everyone
to share what they can do to spread happiness on a local Happiness Wall.
They are offering in kind support to give twenty students the
opportunity to receive scholarships to attend the World
Positive Education Accelerator
June 25-28 in Fort Worth, Texas in
recognition of those who participate.

Continue the celebration of happiness by reading the new May issue of Live
magazine with Harry Connick Jr. on the cover. For more
information visit:

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