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2018 Canada Automotive Industry Report - Emerging Dynamics and Future of Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles to 2025 -


The "2018
Canada Automotive Industry - Emerging Dynamics and Future of Canada
Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles"
report has been added
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The automobile market in Canada provides comprehensive analysis and
forecasts of passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy
commercial vehicles. Evolving market dynamics, customer preferences and
business strategies of industry leaders are included.

The research report provides in-depth SWOT analysis of different vehicle
market subtypes including PCs, LCVs, heavy trucks, buses, vans and motor
cycles. Historic data on the import and export trends by
source/destination country are provided.

The research work provides market growth in two time series: historic
from 2005 to 2017 and forecast from 2018 to 2025. Impact of business and
economic conditions on automotive industry are assessed. Further, GDP,
household income, inflation trends through 2005 to 2025 are analyzed
along with key demographic patterns during the period.

The automobile industry in Canada is compared with its peer countries in
the region for better understanding of the current status of the
industry. Further, regional and Global Trends in Automotive industry are
also included in the research publication.

Potential market players and their market structures are identified.
Business and SWOT profiles of three leading Canada automotive companies
are included in the report. Further, all major recent developments and
their impact on the Canada automotive industry are analyzed.

Key Topics Covered:

Canada Auto-Strategic Analysis Review

  • Key Findings
  • Shifting Customer Preferences
  • Evolving Dynamics
  • SWOT Analysis

Canada Automotive Sector-Medium and Long Term Growth Outlook

  • Canada Total automotive sales outlook, 2005-2025
  • Canada Passenger cars sales outlook, 2005-2025
  • Canada Commercial vehicle sales outlook, 2005-2025
  • Canada Passenger Cars production outlook, 2005-2025
  • Canada LCV production outlook, 2005-2025
  • Canada Heavy Trucks Production outlook, 2005-2025
  • Canada Bus Production outlook, 2005-2025

Canada Automotive Trade Analysis

  • Canada Passenger Cars-Imports value ($ Billions)
  • Canada Passenger Cars-Exports value ($ Billions)
  • Goods Transport Vehicles-Imports value ($ Billions)
  • Goods Transport Vehicles-Exports value ($ Billions)
  • Trucks in Canada-Imports value ($ Billions)
  • Trucks in Canada-Exports value ($ Billions)
  • Canada Motorcycles-Imports value ($ Billions)
  • Canada Motorcycles-Exports value ($ Billions)

Canada Oil Product Consumption Forecast

  • Diesel Demand in transportation sector, 2005-2025
  • Gasoline Demand in transportation sector, 2005-2025

Canada Automobile Industry-Competitive Landscape, 2018

  • Domestic vs International Companies
  • Industry Consolidation Trends
  • Business and SWOT Profiles of Industry Leaders in Canada

Impact of Economic and Demographic Factors on Canada Automobile

  • Canada GDP (Gross Domestic Product, Current Prices) Outlook, 2007-2025
  • Canada Household Disposable Income Outlook, 2007-2025
  • Canada Population Growth Outlook, 2007-2025
  • Demographics by Age, 2007-2025
  • Demographics by Gender, 2007-2025
  • Demographics by Area, 2007-2025

Latest Automobile Industry Trends and Developments

Automobile World and Regional Auto Markets in 2017


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