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Enamine and BioSolveIT Launch the World's Largest Searchable Chemical Space for Novel Compound Sourcing


REAL Space Navigator offers access to over 640 million
pharma-oriented compounds

Enamine Ltd., a leading chemical research organization and producer of
the world's largest collections of novel building blocks (150,000) and
screening compound libraries (2,400,000), and BioSolveIT GmbH, premium
provider of medicinal chemistry software, today announced the launch of
the ‘REAL Space Navigator'. Jointly developed, the new software tool
capitalizes on Enamine's REAL (readily accessible)
virtual compound concept and provides efficient ‘search & find' access
to more than 640 million pharma-oriented molecules, to date the world's
largest chemical space of commercially accessible compounds.

Searching databases of commercially available compounds is a standard
approach to advance hit compounds. However, the global stock of
screening compounds has already been largely explored, making the
identification of new and promising lead molecules difficult and the
need for fast access to novel compounds increasingly necessary.

Enamine can quickly and efficiently assemble new compounds through
appropriate single step combinations of the 150,000 building blocks
available in its stock. By selecting the most characterized of these and
proving their utility in parallel synthesis using 106 reaction protocols
developed at Enamine, the Company confidently ensures a minimum
synthesis rate of 80% and delivery time of 3-4 weeks. BioSolveIT's
unique software capabilities have allowed for the searchability of a
huge virtual chemical space that would be a challenge to navigate using
traditional search technologies. REAL Space Navigator can be easily
deployed on a standard computer, allowing for convenient, ultra-fast
similarity searches and scaffold hopping without the need to connect to
the internet and potentially disclose confidential queries.

Michael Bossert, Head of Strategic Alliances at Enamine, commented:
"The drug discovery industry has an enormous interest in new chemical
compounds. Our REAL concept provides an efficient solution for virtual
screening initiatives and analog searches to our clients, who appreciate
going beyond the availability bias. BioSolveIT's fantastic team and its
exceptional software platforms have already expanded the borders of
Enamine's REAL database. We will continue to evolve this and hope to put
billions of our future tangible molecules at researchers' fingertips.

Dr. Christian Lemmen, CEO of BioSolveIT, explained: "Our
technology is based on extremely fast tree-based algorithms that avoid
visiting every virtual molecule while traversing vast chemistry spaces
for interesting hits. With Enamine's outstanding experience in chemical
syntheses and quality-driven selection of building blocks, that space is
not only impressively large but also packed with unique chemical matter.
We are proud to be Enamine's partner in this exciting endeavor and thus
offer users of the REAL Space Navigator a considerable competitive

Both Companies continue to collaborate with plans to grow the database
beyond 1 billion compounds by Q2 2018.

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