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Surgeon Shows How to Live Above Life's Chaos in New Book


Dr. Owen Thomas Ashton provides a guide that embraces struggles and challenges

MIAMI (PRWEB) January 03, 2018

It is easy to view the world as a tumultuous and hectic place. Society is dominated by chaos in the form of conflict, economic strife, conflicting ideology, crime, natural disasters and interpersonal discrepancies. Dr. Owen Ashton Thomas believes that these various forms of contention are part of natural law that states, "Everything is perfect." Dr. Ashton now shows readers how to implement this principle into everyday thinking with his book "Above the Fray: The Awareness Project."

"Above the Fray: The Awareness Project" emphasizes the idea that all suffering is a gift and is contrived from the natural order of life. Dr. Ashton encourages readers to embrace the imperfections, discover their true self, embrace unconditional love and adopt the natural law into everyday life.

Additionally, Dr. Ashton shares how readers can surrender their power, will and talents to an infinite, collective consciousness that drives the universe forward. The book also embodies a message of hope, asserting that an adjustment in how we perceive the world, controls our level of happiness in the world.

"Chaos will always exist," Dr. Ashton said. "The trick is to learn to live with, or live above that chaos, and respect the natural order of life. Being a human being is no easy task. Above the Fray will guide you to a holistic and enlightened state of mind that overlooks the chaos to achieve contentment."

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"Above the Fray: The Awareness Project"
By Owen Ashton Thomas M.D., FACPH
ISBN: 9781504356152 (hardcover) 9781504356138 (softcover) 9781504356145 (ebook)
Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Balboa Press

About the author
Dr. Ashton, has lived and practiced General Surgery in Florida since 1884. In 1999, he accepted a position as Chief of Surgery. He later established a specialty out-patient venous treatment center. His first book, "Above the Fray," describes his three close encounters with death, his 30-year experience dealing with life-and death experiences and his own reactions to extreme stress. All of which clearly changed his world view and stimulated his need to research and understand the truth of existence on planet earth. Presently, he lectures on these life enhancing principals, and does individual life coaching sessions.

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