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Alpha Genesis, Inc.: Primate Center Receives Funding, Serves Community


Alpha Genesis, Inc. (AGI) is pleased to announce it has received
strategic growth investments from equity sources with deep experience in
growth companies across the research and development chain.

Alpha Genesis, Inc. is a fast-growing company that provides primate
products and research services. The Company serves a broad customer base
that extends across the United States, Europe, and Asia. The Company is
headquartered in Yemassee, South Carolina, and utilizes a differentiated
approach that gives its customers a powerful advantage in the
marketplace through best-in-class lead times, quality assurance,
resource management, and solutions-oriented approaches.

A statement from Senior Company Management read that "In recent years
the Company has shifted strategy from providing services to domestic
clients to serving an international customer base and providing multiple
value-added products and contract support systems. Given our tremendous
organic growth and acquisition opportunity set, we seek to fulfill our
strategic vision and are eager to support continued investment in new
technology and capabilities that best serve our valued clients. We are
thrilled to be in our current strong and rapidly developing position
within the marketplace and look forward to this next stage in our
Company's evolution."

"Recent investments come from multiple sources," said a Senior AGI
Management source under condition of anonymity, and are, "sufficient to
fully fund our previously-announced growth initiatives, and will allow
us to plan for even more in the coming years. Our investors continue to
be impressed by AGI's stellar reputation in the industry and by our
important role in helping customers obtain solutions for their research
needs.", an internet data source, lists three funding
recent rounds for Alpha Genesis, Inc., totaling $12.5 million over the
last six months alone.

Recent Company initiatives have included constructing state-of-the-art
research infrastructure, purchasing improved veterinary and diagnostic
equipment, enhanced training of new skills for staff, and providing
valuable employment and skill acquisition opportunities for the local
community. The Company has a policy to Buy Local, Invest Local, Hire
Local, and Give Local, and supports numerous Community Development
Initiatives. A statement from AGI Senior Management adds that, "Serving
our friends and neighbors is not only a great pleasure, but also a
wonderful opportunity and an amazing privilege."

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