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Never Wax Again with Juice Infinity, The World's Best Ski and Snowboard Wax Replacement


Live on Kickstarter, Juice Infinity penetrates deep within the surface of skis and snowboards to ensure a long-lasting, freshly-waxed feeling.

LONDON (PRWEB) December 07, 2017

Juice Infinity, the world's best ski and snowboard wax replacement, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

The constant need to reapply wax on skis and snowboards can be a time consuming and costly endeavor for those serious about the sport. In addition, there are long term damaging effect on the environment. Juice infinity is a revolutionary new wax replacement that with one spray can penetrate deep within the surface of skis and snowboards powerful enough that users will never have to wax again.

"Juice Infinity was born from the need to come up with a super long-lasting wax-free solution for skis and snowboards of all types and for all disciplines that is easy to apply. We realized that permanent solutions (including our own original one) are inherently difficult to apply correctly, due to the difficulties in ensuring that skis and boards are properly prepared before application," says inventor JD Prince on the inspiration behind the project. "We wanted to have a product that has amazing life that far exceeds that of any wax, but that can be applied with no tools, no skills, and no special workplace. Juice Infinity can be applied by anyone, anywhere and at any time, and is the simplest and easiest solution that has incredible benefits, amazing long life and at the same time is 100% ecologically-sound."

Juice Infinity has been designed to be the world's simplest, long-life treatment for alpine skis, cross country skis and snowboards. After spraying the entire area and allowing time to dry, the skis are snowboards are ready to hit the slopes. It has been scientifically developed and deliberately tested in the worst conditions possible to ensure that it will work for everyone, at any time, anywhere. The product has been put through the paces by some of the top ski and snowboard instructors and professionals worldwide.

Juice Infinity is also the most eco-friendly solution on the market. As waxes have tried to keep pace with the constant need for improvement, harmful and toxic fluorocarbons and other technicals have been added, all of which are extremely harmful to the environment. Juice Infinity releases no harmful chemicals into the environment and because of the way it bonds deep into the base material, cannot be removed through friction with the snow.

"Unlike permanent solutions available, Juice Infinity needs no expensive or skilled ski/board preparation such as stone-grinding before use and can be applied by anyone without any tools whatsoever. Even traditional waxing requires special tools and skills or at the very least a trip to the local service centre," adds Prince. "Compared with wax the gliding properties are equal to the top waxes available, yet Juice Infinity lasts significantly longer – keeping that freshly-waxed feeling for weeks on end. Nothing else available offers such convenience, ease-of-use and amazing longevity."

Juice Infinity is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About Looknowax

Looknowax is a pioneering snowsports company with a mission to keep skiers and boarders moving on the snow, without damaging the environment. Looknowax's patent-pending solution is a simple spray application base treatment that eliminates the need for waxing skis and snowboards forever. It is extremely easy to apply and improves the performance of all types of skis and snowboards. Juice Infinity is the easiest and best 100% environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wax.

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