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Uptick Newswire "Stock Day" Interviews Kevin Cornell on AmbiCom's Computer Technology


Phoenix, AZ, Dec. 05, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Uptick Newswire is the sole producer of the Uptick Network "Stock Day" Podcast keeping investors and shareholders up-to-date on company news and bringing transparency to the micro-cap sector of the market. The host of Stock Day, CEO and founder Everett Jolly, recently interviewed a new CEO and a brand new company on the podcast to shed light on the computer technology industry.

Everett Jolly had welcomed on Kevin Cornell, the CEO of AmbiCom Holdings, Inc. (OTC:ABHI, the "Company")), who had discussed the background of the company and elaborated on how AmbiCom's product can make a difference on any PC or server. Mr. Cornell discussed AmbiCom's patented product Veloxum™, which optimizes physical and virtual operating system achieving greater performance and capacity with Active Continuous Optimization (ACO). Continuing the interview, Mr. Jolly brought up the matter of how big this market is and Mr. Cornell answered on the world-wide need for computer technology and the revenue within that market. Furthermore, Mr. Jolly had received a few emails regarding AmbiCom and asked Mr. Cornell when he will be bringing his fillings current with the new auditor and when the stop sign will be taken off of the ticker symbol.

CEO Kevin Cornell replies to the question with, "We're working on it right now. The goal is to get it done in the next couple of months. We've got the auditor engaged and we've brought in an outside company who specializes in that as well. We're working as hard and as fast as we can to get current with all of our fillings. In the next month or two you should see that stop sign come down."

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About AmbiCom Holdings, Inc.
AmbiCom Holdings Inc., headquarters in Santa Cruz, California, searches out, acquires and/or invests in unique technologies that have the potential for wide adoption in large markets. AmbiCom looks for mature management teams that have a history of successfully converting new concepts in to products.
Of interest are high margin products that have the ability to enhance user's experience while generating positive return on investment. We are acutely aware of our responsibility to the investors that have placed their trust in our abilities to effectively manage the assets of AmbiCom on their behalf.

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About Uptick Newswire and the "Stock Day Podcast"
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