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Smart Home Technology Protects Homes During Holiday Travel


Vivint Smart Home customer catches a would-be burglar in his chimney

More than 103
Americans were expected to travel for the year-end holidays
in 2016, and this year will likely see hundreds of millions away from
home again. With so many homes unoccupied, the holiday season attracts
nefarious activity of all kinds.

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Dan Rivers found that Vivint Smart Home protects against even the most creative criminals. (Photo: B ...

Dan Rivers found that Vivint Smart Home protects against even the most creative criminals. (Photo: Business Wire)

Smart Home
customer Dan Rivers found that a Vivint smart home
provides protection against even the most creative criminals. Rivers, a
resident of Ridgecrest, Calif., received an alert of a would-be burglar
stuck in an unexpected place – his chimney.

Rivers' experience
when he left town for a short trip. A day later, a criminal
spotted Rivers' Vivint yard sign and thought he could circumvent the
smart home system by entering through a chimney opening just 16 inches
in diameter.

Once the criminal became wedged in the chimney, an accomplice broke a
window to gain access to the home in an attempt to free the man. Rivers'
smart home system detected the broken window and alerted Vivint
monitoring professionals and the local authorities. Vivint then notified
Rivers that police were able to rescue and arrest the individual.

"There was a time when you could walk away from your house and leave
your doors and windows open; you didn't have any trouble," Rivers said.
"It wasn't until that fella tried to break into my house that I realized
the importance of having a smart home system. I would have come home to
an empty house."

Watch a video of Rivers' experience:

Here are several tips homeowners can use to help protect their homes
this holiday season and beyond:

  • Keep bushes and trees trimmed to reduce places for criminals to hide.
  • Use smart lighting indoors and outdoors that you can control remotely
    to provide the appearance of occupancy when no one is home.
  • Always keep doors and windows locked.
  • Install smart locks on exterior doors so you can check the status of
    your door locks remotely.
  • If heading out of town, avoid advertising that no one is home by
    asking trusted neighbors or friends to pick up mail, newspapers and
    packages, and to put out trash cans.
  • Use indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, which not only serve as a
    deterrent, but can also help capture criminal activity to aid in
    police investigations.
  • Don't leave your garage door open, even if your home is occupied.
    Installing a garage door opener that you can control via a smart home
    app can help ensure a garage door is not mistakenly left open.

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