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CheckedUp Expands 3D and AI Capabilities Through Licensing Deal


Integrated approach driven by smart data and personalized interactions

CheckedUp, a specialty point of care company, today announced that it
has licensed 3D imaging technologies from Cirle, a medical technology
incubator, for use in its patient engagement platform.

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The SNS 200, Cirle's second generation surgical navigation system, is one of the technologies Checke ...

The SNS 200, Cirle's second generation surgical navigation system, is one of the technologies CheckedUp now has access to though a licensing agreement with Cirle. (Photo: Business Wire)

"We know the future of medicine lies in the ability to connect the
patient and physician experience through an integrated approach that's
driven by smart data and personalized interactions," said Richard Awdeh,
M.D., CEO and Founder of CheckedUp. "Through this licensing agreement,
we will be able to utilize the 3D capabilities that have proven
effective in the surgical environment and bring them into the
consultation room. In addition, we can begin to use artificial
intelligence to determine smart inputs at consultation, which will lead
to better outputs during surgery."

The CheckedUp platform is designed to support the practice workflow by
enabling better patient education and engagement. With the addition of
this technology, CheckedUp can begin to uncover tendencies and
correlations to develop predictive modeling that will drive intelligent
strategic decisions and create personalized treatment plans for patients.

The Cirle SNS 200 is an ophthalmic image communications device that
integrates procedural data, provides 3D guidance for cataract and
refractive surgeries inside the ophthalmic microscope, and incorporates
smart workflow automation that increases efficiency throughout the
surgery. As a key component of this system, the eye tracking software
allows for 3-dimensional, precise eye-tracking and intraoperative
guidance during the surgical procedure.

Initially, CheckedUp will integrate 3D imaging into its interactive
Consult wallboard solution to enhance the quality of information that
practices provide patients during surgical consultations with 3D
anatomical diagrams. The license also grants CheckedUp access to Cirle's
second generation surgical navigation system, SNS 200, as well as its
eye registration software -- allowing CheckedUp to integrate the entire
workflow from consultation to surgery through follow up with the
seamless flow of data and patient information.

"Our focus is on using data to help patients and physicians make
actionable decisions together," said Dr. Awdeh. "The integration of this
technology gives us a unique ability to lead in specialty point of care,
enabling a patient and surgeon to integrate and optimize all information
flow surrounding a surgical procedure."

CheckedUp expects to begin providing 3D-capable technology upgrades to
existing and new customers through the CheckedUp Consult wallboards
during the first quarter of 2018 and initiate development efforts aimed
at integrating the SNS 200 into the CheckedUp platform in 2018.

About CheckedUp

CheckedUp is the premier specialty technology platform at the point of
care actively engaging patients and physicians in the waiting room, exam
room and at home. As a health technology leader, CheckedUp aspires to
create better educated and more confident patients and physicians who
are empowered to make informed health decisions together. Learn more at

About Cirle

Established in 2010, Cirle is a medical technology incubator based at
the University of Miami Life Science and Technology Park in Miami, Fla.
The company focuses on the use of translational medical research and
innovative technologies to cure diseases that lead to blindness. It
develops and acquires early-stage technologies, applies its specialized
capabilities to refine and test them, and pursues industry
collaborations to bring the technologies to market. Offering a highly
interactive environment for interdisciplinary innovation, Cirle has
engaged leading eye health experts, engineers and researchers in its
development projects. For more information, visit

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