Market Overview

Iconic Houston Retailer Gallery Furniture Uses AI to Create Demand for Made-in-America Furniture


Furniture Chain Uses Autonomous Marketer "Albert" to Bring Its
Unparalleled In-Store Experience Online, and Drive Traffic Into Stores;
Increases Sales by 22% in Month One

Houston furniture chain Gallery
has been on the cutting edge of customer service since the
early 80s, when it began offering same-day delivery to local customers
before leading national brands. This legacy of innovation and world
class customer service is the driving force behind its recent foray into
artificial intelligence. Today, Gallery Furniture announced the results
of its first two months working with AI marketing platform Albert
(LSE: ALB.L), which has resulted in a 6,897% increase in leads, a 4,710%
increase in conversions, a 96% decrease in cost per lead, and a
significantly more personalized experience for online customers.

Albert is now responsible for perpetuating Gallery Furniture's
unparalleled in-store experience online and then driving the online
world back into its iconic Houston stores. "He" is achieving this by
autonomously executing key components of the retailer's social media and
search engine marketing efforts (including audience identification and
segmentation, real-time budget allocation, creative optimization,
keyword identification and management, and more). Gallery Furniture's
in-house team of over 20 dedicated marketing personnel and its external
agency Thrive continue to handle organic social media efforts and
customer service across online channels, as well as all creative
strategy and production.

In July 2017, Albert's first month working with the retailer, Gallery
Furniture attributed a 22% increase in revenue to Albert, as well as its
own successful efforts to refine its lead response methodologies. In the
same month, Gallery Furniture saw $23.75 in revenue for every $1 spent
on Facebook (as compared to $4.80 per dollar spent on Facebook without
Albert). Campaign-wide (Facebook and Google), Gallery Furniture's
campaign produced $11.36 for every $1 spent.

For the first two decades of Gallery Furniture's existence, its founder Jim
, aka "Mattress Mack"—a local, and now national, hero,
having sheltered hundreds of Houston residents during Hurricane
Harvey—prioritized two things: the customer's experience while in the
store, and sourcing the highest quality, American-made furniture. To
drive in-store traffic, he invested heavily in print and television

In 2009, the retailer set out to extend the unparalleled in-store
experience to online customers with the early adoption of Facebook and
Twitter "help desks." Gallery Furniture's customer service team began
engaging daily with its large and active community, responding to 100%
of interactions in under three hours. (To this day, the team responds to
thousands of comments each day.) From 2011 on, Gallery Furniture
experimented with various methods of attribution to determine exactly
how many in-store sales originated from its social media efforts.

Now, in 2017, with nearly 400 employees, Gallery Furniture has
introduced artificial intelligence into its sophisticated marketing mix.
It adopted Albert to introduce scale and precision to its ongoing
efforts to drive high quality and highly qualified leads, while
maintaining its high customer experience standards. Albert works across
channels to drive customers either directly into stores or to one of six
highly-optimized and incentivized landing pages, segmented by campaign
or product category, on Gallery Furniture's website. Customers are
encouraged to fill out an information-request form, which Gallery
Furniture's customer service team responds to personally and quickly.

"When a customer walks into our flagship showroom, I make a point of
shaking their hand and showing them that we appreciate them. It's
important that whatever marketing approach we take online lets us reach
out to the customer and shake their virtual hand, too. Albert has helped
us to do this," said Jim McIngvale, Founder and President of Gallery
Furniture. "Albert's ‘thoughtfulness' creates a more delightful
experience for the customer and has produced great results for Gallery
Furniture. Coming up to Christmas, the next 90 days are going to be
tremendous now that Albert is onboard."

Gallery Furniture now has six full-time employees responding to leads,
seven days/week. Albert has not only driven exponential digital growth,
but has also standardized AB testing, providing quick automatic analysis
and acting on the results, as only a machine could do. Albert's work has
scaled Gallery Furniture's efforts exponentially and freed the team to
focus on what earned Gallery Furniture the title, "every person's
furniture store": personalized, one-on-one interactions and customer

For more information or to request a demo or briefing of Albert, please
contact Gretel Going,,
or Amy Inlow,

About Albert™

Albert, created by Albert Technologies, LTD. (AIM: ALB.L), is the
world's first and only fully autonomous digital marketer. The
enterprise-level artificial intelligence platform drives digital
marketing campaigns from start to finish for some of the world's leading
brands. Albert liberates businesses from the data and technology
complexities of digital marketing—not just by replicating their existing
efforts, but by executing them at a pace and scale not possible by human
teams. "He" accomplishes this by wading through mass amounts of data,
converting this data into insights, and autonomously acting on these
insights, across channels, devices and formats, in real time. Brands
such as Harley Davidson, EVISU, Cosabella, Dole Asia, and
credit Albert with significantly increased sales, an accelerated path to
revenue, the ability to make more informed investment decisions, and
reduced operational costs. Visit

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