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Sentinel Offender Services Teams with Nevada Department of Public Safety to Open New Day Reporting Center


Sentinel Offender Services LLC, one of the nation's leading providers of
offender management programs and electronic monitoring services, is
pleased to announce that it has teamed with the Nevada Department of
Public Safety to open a new Day Reporting Center in Las Vegas. Teaming
with Sentinel, the Department of Public Safety designed this new
facility to offer direct assistance to participants in the Nevada
probation and parole system and provide the resources needed to help
participants more smoothly transition back into their community.

The new Day Reporting Center (DRC) will be staffed by professional case
managers from Sentinel as well as officers from the Nevada Department of
Public Safety. From the outset, DRC staff members will work directly
with each participant to design and implement a plan to help them
successfully meet their supervision requirements while proactively
preparing them for success upon the completion of their program. "Our
case managers are there to guide participants every step of the way,"
said Melissa Starr, Sentinel's Vice President of Field Operations. "They
work to identify those programs offered at the DRC that will benefit the
needs of the participant. In addition, they will help the participant
identify and access any additional support resources they need that may
be available from within the community."

Conditions of a participant's probation or parole term may include
required participation in a number of life skills classes and programs
offered at the DRC that include courses in anger management, parenting
and family values, and money management among others. And, depending on
a participant's individual circumstances, they may also be required to
undergo mandatory drug and alcohol testing during their parole period.
The DRC allows all of this to be monitored and managed from a single

"For Sentinel," said Darryl Martin, Chief Operating Officer for
Sentinel, "teaming with a partner like the Nevada Department of Public
Safety provided us with an opportunity to extend valuable daily support
and programs to participants at the community level. Our Day Reporting
Center model is specifically designed to be located within a local
community and offer an array services and programs that ultimately help
ensure that participants can stay on the path back to a more productive

While attending the DRC, participants may also be required to attend
specialized group sessions that address the often very serious issues
that create substantial disruption in a participant's daily life. The
Las Vegas DRC will offer sessions that address the emotional, substance
abuse and family issues that may hinder a participant's ability to
successfully transition back into their community.

Located at 714 South Fourth Street in Las Vegas, the new DRC will serve
up to 200 participants in Nevada's parole and probation system each

Sentinel Offender Services, LLC has been a trusted partner of community
corrections, courts and law enforcement since 1993. Sentinel has a rich
history of innovation and pioneered the offender-funded monitoring model
that is now used extensively throughout the United States. For more than
20 years Sentinel has focused on one goal: Reducing recidivism rates
through comprehensive monitoring and effective supervision of offender
populations. Sentinel's continued growth and success can be attributed
to its breadth of experience and its ability to consistently deliver
world-class customer service, innovative products and programs, and
creating effective solutions to meet the needs of our clients and the
communities they serve. To learn more, please call 800.589.6003,
extension 2236, or visit us at

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